Special Qualification Requirements

Many of our jobs have special requirements such as educational degrees, specific coursework or training, or licensure. It is the responsibility of the candidate to provide documentation which verifies that they meet such requirements. These requirements are stated in the official job description and recruitment bulletin in the Education and Experience section. If you do not have official copies of your educational transcripts, certificates of completion for coursework and training, and/or the required license in your possession, you should begin to obtain them from the issuing institution or agency immediately upon submitting your application. You will be asked to produce the documents at the final test segment of the examination process. Please do not submit documents before being requested to do so.

Impact of Not Providing Information

Establishment of the eligibility list, which identifies candidates who are eligible for hire, will not be delayed pending receipt of the required documentation from any individual candidate. If the required documents are not received by the time the eligibility list is ready for publication, the candidate’s name will not appear on the list. This means, they will not be eligible to be interviewed for any vacancy which may occur following establishment of the eligibility list. Upon receipt and verification of the required information, the candidate’s name will be added to the eligibility list and certified for future vacancies.


  • All documents must be originals. Copies and faxes will not be accepted.
  • Only official transcripts will be accepted. However, transcripts do not have to be presented in the official sealed envelope. Electronic transcripts are also an acceptable alternative, but they must be sent directly from the educational institution or authorized agent (e.g., Parchment) to @emailto be considered official. Electronic transcripts sent from a candidate's email account will not be accepted.
  • If the name on your transcript/certificate/license is different than your current name, you must also present evidence connecting your current name with your past name (example: marriage certificate).
  • If your degree is from a foreign college or university, you must have your coursework evaluated for its equivalency to a degree received from an accredited United States college or university. A list of agencies that provide this service is available here.
  • If there are any questions regarding your transcripts, coursework, training, or licensure, we may seek to verify information directly with the issuing institution or agency and/or require you to provide additional information.
  • Practicing any deception or fraud is a serious issue. Submission of falsified documents may result in permanent debarment from employment with our District.