Eligible Lists

Placement on an eligible list is determined by the scores attained on the various parts of a competitive classified examination. Veteran's preference points (outside candidates) and seniority/bonus points (promotional candidates) are added to the final score of only those candidates who pass all parts of the examination process. Eligibles with the same percentage score are considered as having the same rank.

Appointment to a classified position must be made from the top three ranks of eligibles.

Eligiblity lists typically remain in effect for one year. Lists may be extended into a second year until they are superseded by a new list. Lists are used to fill vacancies at all nine colleges and the District Headquarters.

The name of an eligible will be certified only to locations selected by the eligible in their employment preferences.

Changes to employment preferences (location, shift, etc.) must be submitted by the eligible in writing to the Personnel Commission at @email.