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About Our District

LACCD is the largest community college district in California and among the largest in the nation. Currently, LACCD enrolls about 205,000 full- and part-time students at its nine colleges. For the 2021-22 Academic Year, enrollment was 202,735 students.

About half of all LACCD students report their incomes at near or below the poverty line.


During the 2021–2022 Academic Year, LACCD distributed $205,454,319 in financial aid awards, not including student loans. This financial aid is critical to opening the doors of higher education to those who could not otherwise afford college. Research shows that an education at LACCD’s colleges is an important source of economic stability and upward mobility for some of the neediest residents of Los Angeles County. An LACCD graduate with an Associate degree is likely to earn 33 percent more than persons who only have a high school diploma.

Student Girl at Graduation Event
Student at Computer Lab

Academic Achievement
For 2021–22, the District conferred more than 35,000 awards, including two-year degrees and certificates. Nearly 5,750 of those awards were transfer degrees. In addition, West Los Angeles College is the second highest-producing community college in California for four-year bachelor’s degrees. In 2021–22, 61 students earned their bachelor’s in Dental Hygiene, more than a 100-percent increase over the 29 students who were the first-ever in the District to receive similar bachelor’s degrees in 2018.

Los Angeles College Promise Program
The Los Angeles College Promise Program entered its sixth year of operations with the fall term of the 2022–2023 Academic Year. The student success program  provides two full years of free tuition, free laptop computers, priority registration and access to educational and financial aid counseling for first-time, full-time students who enroll in the program. Nearly 30,000 students enrolled and more than 4,250 students graduated with Associate degree since the program first began in 2017.
Students Celebrating at Graduation Event


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Los Angeles Community College District is to foster student success for all individuals seeking advancement, by providing equitable and supportive learning environments at our nine colleges. The District empowers students to identify and complete their goals through educational and support programs that lead to completion of two or four-year degrees, certificates, transfer, or career preparation. In doing so, the District fulfills its commitment to the community to improve the social welfare of the region, to enhance the local economy, to close persistent equity gaps, and to prepare future community leaders.

Vision Statement

The LACCD will strive to become a national leader in student success by providing high quality, accessible, educational opportunities across the greater Los Angeles area that improve students’ lives, enrich the area’s many diverse cultures, and strengthen the regional economy. The District will do so by continuing to provide a culture of continuous learning and by closing persistent equity gaps.