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Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Vice Chancellor/CFO

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the following district-wide financial activities: Serves as the executive head over all financial operations of the District including directing the development of financial strategies, policies, programs, models, controls and standards to insure the financial integrity and performance of the colleges and support of the overall operational and strategic missions of the District. Represent the District at all state and national organizations involved in budget and finance and monitor the effectiveness of Board approved budget allocation mechanisms. Plan, develop, direct evaluate and control the District's treasury operations which include cash management, investment management and tax management.

The Chief Financial Officer manages and directs the following departments:

Budget & Management Analysis

  • Develop annual budget operation plan and provide instructions and guidelines for colleges to develop their budget plans.
  • Develop Tentative Budget and Final Budget for Board adoption.
  • Implement budget procedure changes to comply with federal, state, and local laws and board rules.
  • Develop and implement Board approved allocation mechanisms for resource allocation.


General Accounting

  • Manage cash management, collections and investments.
  • Record incoming revenues and outgoing expenditures and properly account for the resources through financial transactions and maintenance of the District's books and records.
  • Establish audit trails and complying with Federal, State and County financial reporting requirements.

Accounts payable

  • Process payments to vendors/contractors, payroll deductions, reimbursements to employees, and the maintenance of district payments and authorizing documents.
  • Verify invoices with authorization documents to ensure accuracy and compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Maintain records and files for all payments and authorizing documents.


  • Process payments of salaries for all employees to include all deductions.
  • Calculate and process statutory and voluntary employee deductions, and deals with federal, state and local authority requests for information.
  • Resolve problems; develop policies and procedures to ensure control and compliance with district and regulatory requirements.
  • Process payments of employment taxes, employee withholding taxes, and retirement contributions.

Central Financial Aid

  • Ensure that all student aid programs are in compliance.
  • Provide forum that leads to the implementation of standardized policies and procedures.
  • Reconcile student loan programs.
  • Provide guidance and assists college administrators or managers with program review and audits.

Office of Internal Audit

  • Validate that corrective action plans are implemented and are working as intended.
  • Ensure that all alleged or verified improprieties are investigated.
  • Identify issues and/or problems that require the assistance of Internal Audit.
  • Develop and implement corrective action plans.
  • Notify district office Audit staff of any suspected or confirmed improprieties.