WLAC Abstract Building

Business Services

Business Services handles Contracts and Purchasing, Risk Management (which includes Health and Safety, Property and Liability, and Workers' Compensation), Health Benefits, and Staff Services.

Contracts and Purchasing

The Contracts and Purchasing department handles the purchasing of goods and the procuring of services that are not handled directly by either the District's nine college campuses or the Facilities Planning and Development department.

Risk Management

The Risk Management program assists employees with claims involving occupational injuries and illnesses as well as damage to person or personal property. It assists visitors with injuries that occur while visiting an LACCD location. And it assists students and student athletes with injuries or illness that occur on campus and while participating in sporting events and practice. The program also seeks to identify and eliminate potential sources of injury, illness, or damage to personal property.

Staff Services

Staff Services is also known as Support Services because the department's activities support all other departments. It is located on the 2nd floor in the southwest section of the District Office. The services provided include Courier, Mail, Reprographics and Receiving.