Counselor and Student

Staff Services

The Staff Services Department, a division of Business Services, is located on the second floor of the Educational Services Center (ESC) in room 217. It is led by General Services Supervisor Danny Telles at ext. x2349. It is comprised of the Mailroom, Couriers, Receiving and Reprographics departments.

Courier Services

Courier mail is delivered to and from the District's nine campuses and affiliated centers and satellites. Courier drivers depart daily at approximately 8:30 a.m.

Northwest Route covers Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles Mission College, Los Angeles Pierce College, Los Angeles Valley College, West Los Angeles College, and the AFT offices.

Southeast Route covers East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles Harbor College, Los Angeles Southwest College, Los Angeles Trade-Tech college, Southgate Educational Center, Van De Kamp Innovation Center and the ELAC Corporate Center offices.

Mail Services

The Mailroom provides incoming/outgoing mail services for the ESC. Mail is collected from the designated locations on each floor and either prepared for delivery by the Courier drivers or to be post marked for USPS delivery. Collection times are at approximately 8:30am and 2:30pm daily, however mail can be brought to the Mailroom at any time of day. Mail needing to be sent via the USPS must be received by 2:30pm in order to be postage marked and delivered to the USPS drop boxes located in the foyer.

Items needing Certified Mail, Priority/Priority Express Mail, or Return Receipt must be delivered to the Mailroom by 3:00pm to be processed and taken to the local post office by 3:30pm daily. In addition, the Mailroom provides outgoing FedEx mail service. Requests must be made in advance and delivered to the Mailroom by 3:30p for processing.

The Mailroom has various types of USPS and FedEx packaging materials and envelopes available upon request. For more information, contact the Mailroom at x2348.


The Receiving Department is located on the second floor in room 217. The department is responsible for the receipt of all purchases made by ESC Departments via purchase orders (PO).

The department also manages non-PO items received via UPS, FedEx and other delivery services. Work related non-PO items are logged for recording purposes and delivered to the recipient.

Please note that deliveries of personal items from vendors such as Amazon or other retailers are strongly discouraged. Likewise, deliveries containing alcohol or tobacco related products such as cigars and vaping paraphernalia are prohibited per the Office of General Counsel.

Questions regarding the Receiving Department please contact Maynor Alvarez at x2347 or via email at @email. Deliveries are accepted between 8:00am and 3:00pm.


The Reprographics Department is located on the second floor in room 214. The department provides print services to the ESC Departments and their affiliated programs. For printing requests email @email and provide as much detail as possible including quantity, binding needs, due date and other pertinent information.

In addition to offering print services, the Reprographics Department manages over thirty walk-up Konica copiers located within the ESC as well as at Corporate Center in Monterey Park. The department is responsible for replenishing the paper and toner, handling basic maintenance as well as scheduling Konica technicians for the hard to handle problems. For larger printing needs please contact the Reprographics Department at ext. 2346.

For assistance with the walk-up Konica copiers, email @email for issues such as paper or toner replenishment as well as error messages or paper jams.