The DBC is the key budget committee for the district.
Committee Charge
  • Formulates recommendations to the Chancellor for budget planning policies consistent with the District Strategic Plan
  • Reviews the District budget and makes recommendations to the Chancellor for adoption or modification
  • Reviews District financial condition quarterly
Reports To
The Chancellor and all constituent groups
Variable Wednesday, monthly, 1:30 - 3:30
​College President
AFT Faculty Guild or Academic Senate
Alternating two year terms,
Even year for Presidents, Odd year for AFT / Academic Senate Rep

  • ​9 College Presidents
  • 6 Academic Senate Representatives
  • 6 AFT Faculty Guild Representatives
  • AFT Staff Guild Representative
  • Local 911 Teamster Representative
  • SEIU Local 99 Representative
  • Building and Construction Trades
  • Supervisors Representative- Local 721
  • Classified Management Representative 
  • ASO Representative
  • Deputy Chancellor (Resource)
  • Chief Financial Officer (Resource)
  • Budget Director (Resource)