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For almost 100 years, the Los Angeles Community College District has provided a broad range of educational programs and services to facilitate the lifelong process called education. Our employees – faculty, classified staff, and administrators – are responsible for creating the unique educational environment in which our students obtain the educational and training building blocks that will make their lives and careers more fulfilled and rewarding.  Few jobs are more important. Few organizations have such a capable, talented and diverse group of individuals as employees.

This handbook is intended to give classified employees an overview of the District and its employment policies, procedures, services and benefits. It will not answer all questions but will serve as a good starting point if you are a new employee and as a quick reference throughout your employment.

You are encouraged to spend time and become familiar with the contents and to consult with your supervisors and District Human Resources staff. In addition to this online version of the handbook, a downloadable pdf of the information in this handbook is available on the Employee Intranet on the Personnel Commission SharePoint site (accessible via employee intranet only).

Some of the links included in this site are only available via the employee intranet. If you are not a current District employee and wish to view any of these links, please contact us at @email and a member of our staff can assist you.

We are very interested in your suggestions or comments on how we may better serve you. Please email us at @email with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thank you for your service and commitment to the District.

A Special Note to Readers

This Classified Employee Handbook is designed to acquaint you with general information related to employment with the Los Angeles Community College District as described in State law, Federal law, our collective bargaining agreements, Board Rules and Regulations, Personnel Commission Rules, and other related policies and procedures as they may apply to employment. This document is not intended as a replacement for any of these source documents. It is not a contract and should not be construed as creating contractual obligations.

The District reserves the right to amend, supplement, or rescind the provisions of this handbook at any time at its sole and absolute discretion. Subsequent revisions to this document could cause conflicting statements.  If such a situation arises, the actual policies rules, regulations, procedures and collective bargaining agreements will always be the official documents upon which a ruling will be based or an interpretation made.

Before deciding to take advantage of any of the employment related opportunities outlined in this handbook, you are advised to refer to the actual source document(s) defining the benefit or opportunity. For complete information contact your campus Personnel/Payroll office or the Human Resources Division.

Important Contacts

Contact, Department or Function



ADA Requests



AFT College Staff Guild, Local 1521A

(323) 851-1521

Benefits Service Center



Board of Trustees

(213) 891-2044

Building Trades Council

(213) 483-4222



(888) 225-7377


(800) 228-5453

Chancellor’s Office

(213) 891-2201

Classified Examinations

(213) 891-2129


Classified Management Association

(213) 891-2036


Collective Bargaining Issues

(213) 891-2442

Covid-19 Related Questions

(213) 891-2252


Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Claims

(213) 891-2315

@email or ODEIA Website

District Retirement Office

(213) 891-2338

Employee and Labor Relations

(213) 891-2442


Employee Discipline

(213) 891-2442


Employment Processing

(213) 891-2303


Health Insurance



Human Resources

(213) 891-2252

Job Classification and Compensation

(213) 891-2333


SEIU Local 721

(213) 482-6660


SEIU Local 99

(213) 387-8393



(800) 540-6369


Contact your campus payroll/personnel office

Information can be found on your location’s website

Personnel Commission

(213) 891-2333


Safety and Security

(213) 891-2330


Tuition Reimbursement

(213) 891-2081

Workers Compensation

(213) 891-2397