Eligible Lists

Position on an eligible list is determined by the scores attained on the various parts of the test. In addition, eligible veterans receive veterans' preference points in open examinations; permanent employees of the Los Angeles Community College District receive seniority points on promotional examinations. Veteran's preference points and seniority points are added to the final score of only those who pass all parts of the examination process. Final scores of candidates are rounded to the nearest whole percent. Eligibles with the same percentage score are considered as having the same rank.

When there are both an open and a promotional list established, in accordance with Personnel Commission Rules 622 FIELDS OF COMPETITION, and 659 ORDER OF PRECEDENCE IN CERTIFICATION FOR FILLING VACANCIES, the promotional list must be used first, except that names will be certified from the open list as well as the promotional list to achieve full certification (three ranks), if there are an insufficient number of ranks available on the promotional list. Appointment to a job must be made from the top three ranks of eligibles.

When dual certification has been ordered by the Personnel Commission, promotional candidates attaining the passing mark shall have 2-1/2 seniority points, in addition to the seniority credit described in Personnel Commission Rule 621, SENIORITY CREDIT ON PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATIONS added to their final passing scores prior to ranking on the eligibility list. This method allows the certification of open candidates ahead of promotional candidates only when they have scored sufficiently higher in the same examination to overcome the promotional candidates' advantage of seniority credit. Under this system, simultaneous open and promotional eligibility lists are merged in score order after the addition of points for seniority and without the addition of veteran's credit.

Eligible lists remain in effect for one year. Lists may be extended into a second year until they are superseded by a new list. Lists are used to fill vacancies at all nine colleges and the administrative offices. The name of an eligible will be certified only to locations indicated by that eligible on his/her availability statement completed during the examination process. Changes to an availability statement must be submitted in writing to the Personnel Commission, 770 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90017 or Click here to send email

Employees become permanent upon successful completion of a probationary period, which is 130 working days for most positions.