The Facilities Planning & Development Mentorship Program: 
Student (MENTEE)

  • LA+Harbor+College+07-3386550456-O.jpgStudents will have the opportunity to explore the world of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Planning & Facilities (built-environment)

  • Students will benefit from the Mentors informal “knowledge transfer” as 80 % of learning is considered to be informal.

  • Students will develop faster in their careers as they will be exposed to Mentors that enhance and guide their learning.




  • Must be a full-time or part-time student in good standing at an LACCD institution.

  • Desire to pursuing a career in design, construction, planning, environmental sustainability, business, maintenance, or a facilities-related field.

  • Commitment to defining a career path at the end of the mentorship.

  • Commitment to participating in peer-to-peer coaching and the shared experience.


To become a Mentee LA+Trade+Tech+06-3386551682-O.jpg

Complete and submit the forms below.



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