LACCD Innovation and Technology Plan

The District Innovation and Technology Plan describes the organization’s current context and environment (where we are), articulates our mission, goals, and strategies (where we are going), and summarizes some of the upcoming initiatives that continue to drive us in the direction of our vision for the District.

The technology strategic plan is influenced by internal factors and drivers within the community, and our organization, as well as external trends within the higher education industry and overall technology trends. It reflects feedback from faculty, staff, stakeholders, and students.

This document is a high-level summary District Innovation and Technology Plan. It is designed to organize the high-level strategic goals and initiatives; it is not intended to be a tracking system for all the specific IT requests and projects. These goals and objectives will be supported by specific projects (district-wide or College level).

Please find the full details of our technology plan linked below:

LACCD Innovation and Technology Plan

Key Strategic Priorities

  • Foster student-centered investments
  • Increase technology modernization and innovation
  • Provide effective administrative operations through technology
  • Modernize technology infrastructure through updates, platform simplification and standardization, and data center environment collocation for LACCD
  • Introduce Disciplined High Caliber Technology Support
  • Comprehensive technology adoption through continuous training
  • Improve Coordination, Communication, and Governance related to Technology Planning
  • Strengthen the Information Security Posture of the District

As a best practice and to ensure compliance with accreditation standards, the District's principal planning documents--plans which provide a framework for institutional direction, improvement, and public accountability--are periodically reviewed and updated. As these plans represent the District's mission and purpose, they are submitted for review and approval to the Board of Trustees.

On March 16, 2022 the Board’s Institutional Effectiveness & Student Success Committee reviewed the LACCD Innovation and Technology Plan and recommended its approval by the Board of Trustees.

IESS Presentation - LACCD Innovation and Technology Plan - March 2022