Keeping Your Devices Up-To-Date

Updating your software, firmware, applications, browsers and all of your computer and mobile phone systems is fundamental to keeping your digital environment safe, secure, and efficient.

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Benefits of Keeping your Devices Updated

  • Protecting your data: Keeping your systems up-to-date helps prevent you from being a victim of a data breach.  Updates will often fix known security vulnerabilities, creating a safer user experience. Updates can also include improved security and privacy features to help protect your sensitive data.
  • Malware protection: The more outdated your system and applications are, the more susceptible you are to a malware infection. Hackers target a system's known vulnerabilities and use them to gain access to your personal data.
  • Improved security features: Updates often include new security features. By staying up to date, you're also enhancing the protection of your device.
  • Reliability: Not only do updates provide the best security for your system, they also prevent your system from crashing. This can prevent potential data loss.


Updating Systems Tutorials

Updating your Windows software enhances your user experience and keeps your data secure.

Tutorial for updating Microsoft Windows software

Updating your Apple Macintosh operating system will ensure security enhancements, compatibility, and increased longevity.

Tutorial for updating Macintosh OS

Keeping Chrome up to date helps protect you from hackers by having the latest privacy and security features. Hackers like to target browsers and use them as an entry point for malware.

Tutorial for updating the Google Chrome browser.

Just like updating any other browser, updating Microsoft Edge gives you the best user experience and the latest security enhancements,

Tutorial for updating the Microsoft Edge browser

Updating your iPhone's operating system provides bug fixes, better battery life, privacy enhancements, and longevity.

Tutorial for updating an iPhone

Keeping your Android updated provides continuous integration with Google services, privacy control over apps, and security enhancements to known vulnerabilities.

Tutorial for updating an Android phone

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