LACCD Student Trustee Election – Spring 2024




Student Trustee

The Student Trustee is an important elected position charged with representing the interests of students and advocating on their behalf. The Student Trustee serves as a member of the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees, as authorized by the California Education Code.

The Student Trustee is seated with members of the Board and is recognized as a full member at meetings. The Student Trustee has an advisory vote, and may make and second motions at the discretion of the Board. The Student Trustee also serves as the Chair of the District-wide Student Affairs Committee (SAC) which is composed of elected ASO/ASU/ASG presidents from the nine campuses.

The term of office is from June 1, 2024 to May 31, 2025. For further information on the role of the Student Trustee and the election process, please refer to LACCD Board Rules 2604, 18200 and 21000.

Candidate Statements

Ambyr Cynthia Baham

Portrait of Ambyr Cynthia Baham

Embarking on my academic journey in Spring 2023 as a nontraditional student and dedicated single mother has been a transformative experience, emphasizing the resilience of single parents in pursuit of higher education. Currently enrolled as a full-time, daytime and asynchronous student majoring in English, my ultimate goal is to transfer to UCLA for my bachelor's degree and subsequently delve into law, fueled by a profound passion for social justice.

My commitment to educational and societal advancement extends beyond the classroom, evident in my involvement in campus organizations such as the Pathway to Law School program and the Pathway to Law Club. These engagements underscore my dedication to fostering a supportive community for minority students aspiring to pursue legal careers.

As an aspiring scholar and changemaker, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of serving as LACCD Student Trustee. My academic journey has been marked by proactive community service and advocacy, evident in my role as an Associated Student Government Executive at LACC. This experience has honed my skills in effective communication, consensus-building, and understanding diverse perspectives-attributes essential for the position of Student Trustee.

My proactive engagement reflects a belief in the integral role of every student's experience in the overall success of our educational institution. Through community service addressing public health issues and championing basic needs, I aspire to contribute to a more compassionate, inclusive society, prioritizing the underserved in the pursuit of a healthier, more just future.

Lorenzo Valdez-Larios

Portrait of Lorenzo Valdez-Larios

Hi, I am Lorenzo, a proud Los Angeles Pierce College student. I have volunteered at many campus events. I help distribute food to students through a partnership event, Student Lunchbox. I helped create an event through the ASO Community Welfare Committee, helping students get familiar with the resources that the health center has through the ASO Student Health Advisory Committee.

I am passionate about helping and representing students through action. The power of the Student Trustee is being the student's voice. They will Chair the SAC Meetings that all nine ASO/U/G presidents attend and assist with providing solutions to campus affairs, working to implement them on a district level. I will do my best to advocate for all LACCD students in this role.

I want to see change in all nine campuses.

At Pierce, they have the Caring Campus Initiative. Which allows Faculty, Staff, and Administration to engage with students in a way that empowers students and encourages a supportive relationship. I want to see the Caring Campus Initiative implemented on all nine LACCD campuses. I would like to see students be more engaged with campus life, as that is an important part of the overall student experience.