Past Personnel Commissioners of the Los Angeles Community College District

The Personnel Commission of the Los Angeles Community College has been fortunate to have members whose qualifications and professional achievements are impressive. In addition to reflecting the ethnic diversity of our community, their professional backgrounds in labor, academia, business, and law have brought diverse perspectives to the role of being a Commissioner.  In most instances, they have served more than one term which reflects genuine personal commitment to the principles of merit and has resulted in a level of continuity and stability that has greatly benefited the District and its employees.

Member​ Dates​ Vita​
​Dr. Winston Crouch ​1969-1995
  • ​Chair, Political Science Department, UCLA
  • Winner of Clarence A. Dykstra Award
  • Warner W. Stockberger Achievement AwardWarner W. Stockberger Achievement Award
​Harold Jaeger ​1969-1971
  • ​Business Representative, I.B.E.W.​Business Representative, I.B.E.W.
Dr. Hugh C. Willett​ ​1969-1973
  • ​Professor, USC School of Public Administration​Professor, USC School of Public Administration
  • President, Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education, 4 years
​Vierling Kersey Jr. ​1971-1990
  • Retired Dean, Educational Services, Los Angeles Community College District
​Dr. Raymond B. Steward ​1974-1984
  • ​Project Director, Systems Development Corporation
Ann. M. Ramirez​ ​1984-1985
  • ​State Commissioner Fair Employment Practices Commission
Bernard Butcher​ ​1986–1989
  • ​Retired Dean of Administration, Los Angeles Community College District
​Rudolph D. Martinez ​1989-1994
  • ​Director of Personnel, Coldwell Banker
​Rose M. Ochi ​1990-1994
  • ​Director of the Criminal Justice Planning Office - Mayor of Los Angeles
  • Associate Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy – Clinton Administration
Geraldine Leshin​ ​1994-1998
  • ​Director Center for Labor Research and Education, U.C.L.A.
​Barbara Kleinschmitt ​1995-2000
  • ​Retired President AFT College Staff Guild
Dr. Calvin W. Hall​ ​1995-2007
  • ​Assistant Superintendent – Business Los Angeles County Office of Education
​James A. Srott ​1999-2009
  • ​Deputy Director, Personnel Commission, Los Angeles Unified School District
​​Ann Young-Havens ​​2009-2020
  • ​​Senior HR Manager – County of Los Angeles
​Henry Jones 2007-2021​​
  • ​Retiree Representative and President of the CalPERS Board of Administration
​David Iwata ​2001-2021