The Facilities Planning and Development Mentorship Program

“The goal of the mentorship program is to create a dynamic engagement process for students to interact
with built environment practitioners in an environment that promotes soft skill development, career readiness while imparting knowledge from the mentor to the mentee.”

 - Rueben C. Smith, D.C.Sc.,  Vice Chancellor & Chief Facilities Executive

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The mentorship program will be launched the summer of 2021.

  • It seeks to partner LACCD students with industry professionals willing to guide them through the balance the critical skills learned in a classroom, on the job.
  • It promotes “knowledge transfer” in design, construction, planning, environmental sustainability, business, maintenance, or facilities related field.

  • It promotes professional development and career readiness.

  • It provides the development of one-on-one partnerships through guided topics, suggested activities, and networking opportunities.

  • It helps build emotional intelligence (self awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills) needed for career success.

  • It creates a platform for the development of future leaders.

Together, we can create pathways beyond the classroom to guide a student for a lifetime! If you had ever wanted to return the favor - I hope you will consider signing up as a mentor. 

- 40% of LACCD students are over age 25
-  17% of students are 35 or older.
- 70% of students are underserved minorities


48905436177_1f80bc881 westbound view.jpgMentorship Opportunities

  • Job shadowing.
  • Introduction to a professional environment.

  • Introduction to community-based organizations.
     (USGBC –LA Chapter, CMAA, AIA, DBIA,

  • Active construction job site observation.
    (i.e. Witness Concrete Pours and Crane Movement)

  • Attend design review/peer review sessions with architect and engineers.

  • Introduction to daily safety observations and awareness.

  • Engage with faculty who are also industry professionals.


SoCTE 1.JPGEngagement Process

  1. Profile Development
    Students Interests

  2. Mentors Attributes
    Virtual Mentorship Mixer: Mentor & Match Process

  3. Program Administrator
    Partnership Engagement

  4. Disciple & Trade Coordination
    Monitor and Evaluate

  5. Interactive Plan
    Engagement Guidelines

  6. Apprenticeship and Internship Opportunities


Mentor and Match Process

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 Contact Us: FPDMentorshipProgram@laccd.edu