Office of Curriculum Support
This section of the LACCD Web site is maintained by the District Office of Curriculum Support. It contains important documents and other resources for faculty and staff involved in the area of curriculum development.



E-Postings, Noncredit Course Requests, and Community Service Classes:​​



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Folder: 1. E-Postings - New Courses and Programs1. E-Postings - New Courses and ProgramsFolder6/29/2016 2:32 PM
Folder: 2. E-Postings - Course and Program Changes2. E-Postings - Course and Program ChangesFolder6/29/2016 2:33 PM
Folder: 3. Noncredit Course Requests3. Noncredit Course RequestsFolder6/29/2016 2:32 PM
Folder: 4. Community Service Approvals4. Community Service ApprovalsFolder6/29/2016 2:33 PM