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Professional Development College

Contact: Adrienne C. Brown
LACCD Professional Development Coordinator | District Academic Senate

Professional Development College (PDC) Steering Committee information: meeting dates/times, location, agendas, minutes (beginning with academic year 2023-2024 and beyond) are available on the LACCD website via BoardDocs, a publicly accessible website housing LACCD Brown Act committees' information including the District Academic Senate (DAS) and DAS Committees, including the Professional Development College (PDC) Steering Committee.


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Courses & Workshops Designed Specifically for Current and Future Instructors and Project MATCH Participants

Mission Statement:

The District Academic Senate Professional Development College (PDC) is designed to improve and/or develop competencies of current and future community college instructors. This program will offer skill sets that are important for meaningful and effective teaching and learning. These competencies include the use of authentic activities and multiple instructional delivery methods, interpersonal and affective skills, curriculum and program development, instructional strategies for engaging adult learners, learning process of adults, and evaluation and assessment methods to maximize and meet the learning needs of community college and adult students. This program also helps prospective and current instructors to critically examine urban contexts to develop culturally responsive andragogical knowledge to work effectively with all students—particularly students of color—the working class, immigrants, and those from historically marginalized populations.

The PDC has been offering a series of seminars beginning Winter 2016. It will offer courses which are CSU-tranfserable. (Note: These credit courses may be used for pay column advancement.)


The PD College is composed of five tiers, each containing 1-3 stackable courses that lead to a certificate. All courses are degree-applicable and CSU transferable.

Pyramidal Organization of the Institution

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Certificate Eligibility (12-15 units): Community College Teaching

Note: These courses will be offered year-round on this schedule so that faculty members who wish to obtain their certificates can count on their availability. Courses in the other tiers as well as seminars will also be offered. The curriculum for two-digit course numbers in blue needs revision.

DAS Professional Development College Steering Committee

June 15 10-12 Trade-Tech
July 27 10-12 Trade-Tech
August No meeting  
September 7 12:30-2:30 Educational Services Center (ESC)
October 5 12:30-2:30 ESC
November 16 12:30-2:30 ESC
December 7 12:30-2:30 ESC
January No meeting  
February 8 12:30-2:30 ESC
March 15 12:30-2:30 ESC
April 19 12:30-2:30 Trade-Tech
May 3 12:30-2:30 ESC
June 7 12:30-2:30 ESC


LACCD Educational Services Center 770 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90017