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Equivalency Committee

The Equivalency Committee shall be chaired by the DAS 1st Vice President and composed of:

  1. Faculty representatives from each of the nine colleges
  2. The DAS President (ex officio)
  3. The DAS 1st Vice-President (chair)
  4. District Equivalency Coordinator (faculty)
  5. The District Dean of Curriculum or designee (non-voting/resource)
  6. A representative of the Office of Human Resources (non-voting/resource)

In the event that a college representative(s) has not been appointed or has been removed, per the provisions of these Bylaws, the appropriate college senate president(s) shall serve as the college representative until the new college representative is appointed. The committee shall meet at least monthly but shall meet more often as need arises to ensure that all equivalency applications are considered in a timely and expeditious manner.

The Committee shall itself, or through subcommittees created by the Committee and chaired by a member of the Committee, be responsible for the following activities including but not limited to:

  1. Considering applications for equivalency to the faculty minimum qualifications, consistent with all applicable District board policies, administrative procedures, and DAS processes.
  2. Supporting, and engaging with district discipline committees and maintaining current discipline committee membership lists;
  3. Monitoring changes to minimum qualifications at state and district levels;
  4. Working with discipline committees to facilitate the identification, compiling, and updating of alternate degree titles for the disciplines minimum qualifications stated in the most recent edition of the Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in the California Community Colleges approved by the Board of Governors;
  5. Recommending to the DAS equivalency application and review processes consistent with applicable District board policies and administrative procedures;
  6. Recommending to the DAS standards of good practice for discipline committees to implement in the review and evaluation of equivalency applications;
  7. Providing professional development training and guidance to discipline committees;
  8. Reviewing and recommending revisions to equivalency-related BPs and APs, and screening of faculty internship candidates, and other matters assigned by the DAS President, Executive Committee, or the DAS.

The DAS Equivalency Committee reports and brings recommendations for action to the DAS Executive Committee and the DAS.
Source: DAS Bylaws

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  • FAQs on Minimum Qualifications (MQs) in LACCD 
  • LACCD Equivalency Process 
  • District Academic Senate Equivalency Instruction Sheet 
  • Equivalency Application for Disciplines Requiring a Master's Degree 
  • Equivalency Application for Disciplines Not Requiring a Master's Degree 
  • District Equivalency Committee Agendas 
  • District Equivalency Committee Minutes 
  • District Equivalency Committee Supplemental Meeting Documents

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The equivalency application deadline for Fall consideration by the District Equivalency Committee is the last Friday of April.

For additional equivalency information or news related to District discipline committees, please contact Eloise Crippens, District Equivalency Coordinator at (213) 891-2296 or at @email.

DAS 1st Vice President Jeffrey Hernandez can be reached at (323) 265-8824 or at @email.

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