Student Information System - FAQ

When are the important semester dates?

​Spring 2021 ​June 1, 2020 ​February 8, 2021 June 7, 2021​
​Summer 2021 ​October 1, 2020 June 14, 2021​ August 29, 2021
​​Fall 2021 ​October 1, 2020
​​August 30, 2021 ​​December 19, 2021
​​Winter 2022 ​​June 1, 2021 January 4, 2022​ February 6, 2022​​
​​Spring 2022 ​​June 1, 2021 ​​February 7, 2022 ​June 6, 2022​

(Please Note: All the Dates are subject to change)​

PeopleSoft SIS 9.2 is here!

​We’ve improved our system to make it easier for you.
Once you log in, you will see a new look and a new, tile-based navigation system for managing classes, financial aid, email, student account information and more. Below you will find links to information and training videos to guide you through the new 9.2 upgrade.

Video Guides

How to Login

We have recently upgraded our security and changed the way student / faculty login to their account.
Due to this upgrade, all users' passwords have been changed to a temporary default password.
This password is different then your SIS (students) or your campus email (faculty)
Here are documents to help you get started. In it you will find your default password format:

Dy​namic Forms Guides

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