LACCD Announces Strategic Agreement with A2MEND to Foster Educational Opportunities and Diversity

February 5, 2024

By Juliet Hidalgo

LACCD Announces Strategic Agreement with A2MEND to Foster Educational Opportunities and Diversity

LACCD Announces Strategic Agreement with A2MEND to Foster Educational Opportunities and Diversity

Both Unite to Empower Student Success

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), is forging a dynamic alliance with the African American Male Education Network & Development (A2MEND), a leading education-focused organization. This partnership will provide support and increase services for students, faculty and staff through the African American Outreach Initiative (AAOI) and the LACCD Districtwide UMOJA community. A2MEND’seducational and cultural expertise locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally will provide access to and guide strategies for Black/African American students’ successthrough retention, completion, graduation and enrichment opportunities. This partnership is poised to bring about transformative changes and improved student outcomes across all nine colleges.

The one-year agreement reflects the commitment of both LACCD and A2MEND to enhance educational opportunities and results by providing in-service training for theLACCD community. A2MEND will coordinate a District educational summit and create student club charters at each of the nine campuses to improve the quality of experiencesfor our Black/African American students. The A2MEND partnership will support LACCD’s dual enrollment initiative by assisting in creating a pipeline between the District and the K-12 system to increase Black/African American student access to and success in postsecondary education.

"We are excited this collaboration will unleash synergies to support our students’ development as well as bolster our commitment to their education,” said LACCD Board President Nichelle Henderson. “This partnership aligns with our mission to empower individuals through an equitable education as they journey towards success."

"Report after report states the crisis in plain sight occurring with Black/African Americanstudent achievement, especially for Black males,” said Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez. “This partnership with A2MEND is historic and necessary to once and for all reduce the equity and achievement gap for our Black students at our nine colleges."

“I believe that together, A2MEND and LACCD can make a real difference in the lives of LACCD students,” said Dr. Erin Vines, A2MEND Executive Director. “I am eager to see the positive changes that this collaboration will bring to each college as we develop opportunities for more enriching educational experiences."

This agreement is an affirmative step toward eliminating systemic biases and institutional racism. As noted in the District’s Framework for Racial Equity and Social Justice, LACCDmust act affirmatively in rooting out racism and internalizing anti-racist policies and practices. Both organizations are enthusiastic about the potential impact of these initiatives on the community and look forward to the successful implementation of the partnership.

About A2MEND - African American Male Education Network and Development (A2MEND) organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit led by African American male educators who utilize their scholarly and professional expertise to foster institutional change within California’s community college system to increase success of African American male students. Since establishing the organization in 2006, A²MEND has served as the premiere nonprofit solely focused on addressing the lack of educational success for African American male students in community colleges.

The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) is the nation’s largest community college district, educating about 210,000 students annually at its nine colleges that serve the residents of more than 36 cities and communities from 900 square miles of Los Angeles County. Since 1969, the district has been providing an important learning pathway for students seeking transfer to four-year colleges or universities while also offering two-year degrees and certificated training programs to Southern California’s diverse workforce in many specialized trades and professions. Learn more about our L.A. College Promise program of free tuition at OurPromiseYourPath

Members of the Board | Nichelle Henderson, President | Kelsey K. Iino, Ed.D, Vice President | Second Vice President, Sara Hernandez | Andra Hoffman | Steven F. Veres | Gabriel Buelna, Ph.D. | David Vela | Alexy Cordova, Student Trustee

The LACCD colleges include Los Angeles City CollegeEast Los Angeles CollegeLos Angeles Harbor CollegeLos Angeles Mission CollegeLos Angeles Pierce CollegeLos Angeles Southwest CollegeLos Angeles Trade-TechnicalCollegeLos Angeles Valley College and West Los Angeles College.