Contact your Deputy Title IX Coordinator or ODEI to file a District complaint

To address Title IX issues, LACCD has designated a Title IX and Deputy Title IX Coordinators who are specially trained to work with individuals who report sexual misconduct and provide information about resources, support services, and procedural options. To make a report about a specific incident, please contact the Deputy Title IX Coordinator below assigned to your college or site within the District.

Cody Hunt
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for West Los Angeles, Los Angeles Harbor, Southwest Los Angeles, Los Angeles City and Los Angeles Pierce Colleges, and the Educational Services Center (inclusive of all satellite campuses)

Kyra Nielsen
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for East Los Angeles, Los Angeles Trade- Technical, Los Angeles Valley and Los Angeles Mission Colleges, and Van de Kamp Innovation Center (inclusive of all satellite campuses)

Victoria Friedman
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Title IX Policy and Procedure Inquiries District Compliance Officer

Natalie Mason-Kinsey
Title IX Coordinator
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Phone: (213) 891-2315

LACCD Title IX Policy & Procedure

The LACCD Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy, which covers sexual harassment and Title IX issues is in Chapter XV of the Board Rules.

To file a Title IX Complaint, you can contact the appropriate Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator above or submit a complaint using the Complaint Form online.

To address and respond to Title IX issues, Title IX Coordinator and Deputies follow Administrative Regulations C-14 titled ‘Procedures for Prohibited Discrimination, Unlawful Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Complaints’ and C-15 titled ‘Responding to Harassment Based on Sex under Title IX.’

For additional resources and information, please contact your college’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator or visit our Resources page.