Current Students​




The Student Information System is the District-wide online computer system for students. This is the place to go if you want to:





W9S Form



Instruction: complete W9S form and submit it to appropriate office as indicated on the form.

Financial Aid Information

Find out about the various Financial Aid opportunities to help you attend college within the Los Angeles Community College District.



Student Mailing Address Change Request 

 Fill out the form and submit it to your campus Admissions and Records Office.



ITV: Instructional Television (link opens new browser window)

ITV is a program of the Los Angeles Community College District that offers students and busy adults the opportunity to take college classes at times and in locations that are convenient.





​Other Information:

 Entertainment Studies programs and courses offered at the nine Los Angeles community colleges

Requesting a transcript if you took classes while serving overseas in the military

Selective Service (link opens new browser window)



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