START by logging into the LACCD Student Information System, available here. You should see a screen that looks like this...

Once you log in, you should see the following information (below). click on the Online Forms button to access the Update Your Educational Goal page.

Once you have clicked the Online Forms button, you should see a webpage that looks like the one below. FIRST: Fill in the name of your college that will process your financial aid in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). Then, select the link that says "Update you Educational Goal

You should now see a webpage that shows your CURRENT Educational Goal(s). Your Initial Goal is usually obtained from your Admissions Application. Goal 1, Goal 2, and Goal 3 (if any are listed for you) come from other sources, including your academic counselor, DegreeWorks (used at some campuses in the LACCD), and from updates you provide on this website.

We will use your Initial Goal for determining your status. But, if your Initial Goal is an INELIGIBLE GOAL, you should update your Educational Goal by selecting an appropriate goal in the drop down menu (shown below, with an arrow pointing DOWN at the area where you select a new goal). Once you have selected a new goal, click the Submit button (as shown below, with an arrow pointing to the right).

That's all you will need to do. Your information will be sent electronically to the Financial Aid Office at your selected college in the LACCD, whereby we will review your new information. If your academic goal is an ELIGIBLE goal, you will not need to do anything else regarding your Educational Goal status.