Faculty E-mail Account FAQ

  1. ​​Faculty forgets password:  Is there a self-request password portal?  If not, who do we request password reset?  Can faculty request password reset directly with DO instead of going through local IT?​
    • ​​​​​​​Currently ​we do not have the self-service option available. This will be available when we have our full identity management project completed. 

    • The password reset can be requested through the login page. The emails go out to the Office365 administrators. The individuals at the campuses that were provided admin accounts can reset passwords from the instructors. ​

  2. ​​​​​​​​Email s​upport:  Do we send them to TLC for any questions that faculty has regarding this new e-mail system as we do not have accounts/test accounts?
    • The questions regarding how to use the system should be directed to the help pages that Microsoft has available.

    • In addition campuses have take initiative to develop help documents and create help desk accounts for students who have questions about these accounts. These same resources can be applied to the faculty or similar options be created for faculty at the campuses. 

    • If you would like test accounts please let us know and we can provide you with them. If you were issued a test account on the Live@edu system, this account should also be valid since we migrated all accounts including the test domains

  3. ​Does it require for a password reset every 90 days?
    • The passwords do not expire.

    • The user will be prompted to change their password at first logon.

  4. ​Does system allow faculty to send email to their class (es) with class mailing list(s) already in place?
    • This feature is not yet available. We are still working on developing procedure that will allow us to handle the fluctuation in enrollments that take place during the semester. We want to have an efficient procedure if we are going to develop dynamic distribution lists based on sections.

    • As an alternative the WebFaculty system can be used to communicate with the students using the mass email option. Faculty can email the entire section or each individual student. The cc-option allows instructors to use their provided academic email to continue communication with the students. 

  5. ​What if faculty request mail forwarding from Office 365 to LACC e-mail or personal e-mail or from LACC e-mail to this Office 365 email address
    • At this time we have not developed procedures or policies that prevent the faculty from forwarding email to or from the Academic email. We have not made the decision not to allow this. I welcome suggestions and feedback on this matter. 

  6. ​It is not good idea to ask for the last four digit SS number.
    • The default password format has been discussed in detail at the Academic Task Force meeting. The decision was made to follow HR and SAP portal standards. This decision was due to the fact that faculty is already familiar with this and it would not be another new password for them. They use the same default password when faculty wants to login to the HR SAP system during open enrollment.​