Upcoming Exams

Thank you for your interest in employment with us!

Below is a listing of positions that we will be recruiting for in the near future.  To automatically receive notification when the next application filing period opens for an exam, register with our Online Employment System and submit an Interest Card!   Click here to be redirected to our Online Employment System!  

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Examination Title​ Salary
​ADA Compliance Administrator ​$9,228 - $11,432 (monthly)
​Auto Mechanic $4,749 - $5,798 (monthly)​
Courier ​$2,965 - $3,591 (monthly)
​Facilities Assistant ​$4,111 - $5,093 (monthly)
​Financial Analyst $6,013 - $7,449 (monthly)​
​Instructional Media Technician ​$3,908 - $4,842 (monthly)
​Library Technician
​$3,545 - $4,392 (monthly)
​Manager, Public Relations ​$7,987 - $9,895 (monthly)
Senior Payroll Technician $4,196 - $5,198 (monthly)​
​Senior Personnel Technician ​$4,681 - $5,799 (monthly)
​Senior SAP Functional Business Analyst (PY, TM) ​$7,238 - $8,966 (monthly)
​SFP-Program Director
$7,225 - $8,950 ​(monthly)
​SFP-Program Office Assistant
​$3,109 - $3,851 (monthly)
​SFP-Program Specialist
​$4,771 - $5,911 (monthly)
​SFP-Program Technician
​$3,851 - $4,771 (monthly)

Monthly salary information is based on a full-time 12-month position.  Salary information should only be used as a source of reference and should not constitute an exclusive basis for decision making.

Please note the information on this page is subject to change.