Personnel Commission Vision


We recognize that perfection does not exist and that there are constant opportunities for improvement.  We remain committed to continual advancement and the knowledge that we cannot afford to remain inert.


Model Employer


The Personnel Commission should serve as an example within the Los Angeles Community College District.


Rapid Response

We should establish the ability and reputation for prompt response to situations and requests.


Sense of Urgency


Staff should be trained to undertake commitments with an attitude that delay is not acceptable.


Sense of Purpose


Staff should understand that ours is not a routine service function but rather a purposeful mission.


All Weather Commitment


We should deliver on our promises and commitments regardless of obstacles.


Customer Friendly


Greater sensitivity to the views and needs of people who are dependent upon our services.


Effective Integration


Our functions should dovetail with the total District fabric.


Proactive & Innovative


Our services, processes, and responses should be creative and state of the art.


Proactive & Preventative


Our services and timing should anticipate developments and foreclose negative occurrences before they happen.


Challenging & Satisfying Work


Our duties and mission should be structured in a manner that is challenging, satisfying and fulfilling to our staff members.




Our mission and activities should promote price and “buy in” by our staff members in the work that we do.




Our operations should embrace new technologies and state of the art processes ahead of other entities.


Informed Commissioners


Communications between staff and Commissioners should preclude surprises and incorporate input/feedback.


Positive Image


Staff activities should be mindful of the image of the Commission and foster promoting a positive reputation.