Major Functions and Responsibilities of the Personnel Commission

Job Classification

Establish and maintain an up-to-date job classification plan by allocating all positions within the classified service to job classes within this plan and prepare class descriptions which include minimum educational and work experience requirements for classified positions.

Salary Administration 

Conduct and participate in community salary surveys to set salary rates which are based upon the principle of  “like pay for like service.”  The Personnel Commission recommends appropriate salary schedules or rates for all job classifications to the Board of Trustees and allocates each class in the Classified Service to the proper schedule or rate.

Selection Procedures

Determine the appropriate fields of competition, develop and administer Merit System examinations and establish eligibility lists.  Consideration is given to equal employment opportunity, the welfare of the service, development of a career service and promotion of employee morale.

Law and Rules 

Develop and enforce those rules and regulations required by action of the California State Legislature affecting the Merit System provisions of the Education Code and others necessary to insure the efficiency of the classified service and the selection and retention of employees on the basis of merit and fitness.


Certify that employees have been examined in accordance with competitive procedures, assigned in accordance with the rules of the Personnel Commission and are being paid the proper rate.  Salary warrants may not be drawn without this certification.


Conduct hearings of appeal from administrative actions, such as demotions, suspensions, and dismissals and conduct investigations into Merit System matters as prescribed by the Education Code.  The findings of the Personnel Commission are binding on the Board of Trustees.