LACCD Collaboration Tools

SharePoint and MS Teams

The Los Angeles Community College District has implement SharePoint and MS Teams from the Microsoft 365 suite. The SharePoint and MS Teams provide the ability to create sites that enhance the collaboration and coordination between team members. The collaboration tools can be used within projects or other interactive activities. The tools provide functions such as:
  • Calendar Sharing 
  • Document Consolidation and Collaboration
  • File Storage (PII data will require special approval)

To Request for a SharePoint or an MS Teams Site please submit the form(s) below to

To find out more details and specifics regarding the LACCD SharePoint and MS Teams procedures and protocols please review the document link below:
Tutorials and Guides for Collaboration Tools

How to Share folders in a SharePoint library

Creating and Managing E-Mail

Employee and Staff Intranet SharePoint Online 

In addition to the implementation of SharePoint and MS Teams, the Los Angeles Community College has also deployed a staff and faculty SharePoint Online Intranet site. The SharePoint Online Intranet (SPO) was specifically designed to ensure that content targeted for our internal staff and faculty reside in a secure and readily available location. This site is used for College Departments across the entire District to share information on a single SharePoint site. 

To Request a SharePoint presence on the Employee Intranet please click the link below: