Retirement is a multi-step process. The following are steps you need to follow in order to initiate your retirement from LACCD.
  1. Confirm your vesting benefits with the Health Benefits Unit (HBU). The Benefits Unit would have to confirm that you will receive a pension from your retirement system (STRS or PERS) and that you have not drawn down your pension.  One of the language provisions of the Master Benefits Agreement is that you must receive a STRS (PERS for Classified) pension.   
  2. You will need to complete the LACCD Application for Retiree Benefits and the Social Security Administration form, “Request for Employment Information” which has a section that must be completed by HBU before being submitted to SSA. HBU can provide both forms
  3. If you have not already done so, contact STRS or PERS, and request an appointment for retirement counseling. They will review service credits, and the appropriate retirement formula
  4. After speaking with STRS or PERS, and having identified a retirement date, submit the District Resignation Form (HR-P-310) and the district Exit Processing form (HR P-311)
    • The resignation date is the day before the retirement date
    • Make a copy for your records and submit the originals to your supervisor I split this into two items and adding the language about making a copy. I removed “campus” since this document is also for ESC employee
  5. Apply for Medicare Parts A & B including any covered dependent who is 65 years or older as of your retirement date. Apply in person at a Social Security Office or online. The toll-free number of the Social Security Administration is 800-772-1213. The website is
If You Have Any Questions
In the event you have a question about your retirement system membership or contribution, or how to process a retirement, the District Office has a team of specialists available to help.  Employees desiring assistance with estimating retirement pension allowances, identifying which, if any, supplemental forms, are needed must contact the applicable retirement system directly.  The list below identifies “who handles what” and how to contact them. 
LACCD District Office
Job Title
Human Resources
§ Resignation Processing
§ Resignation Form
§ Resignation Dates
Kenny Lawal
Assistant Administrative
(213) 891-2428
Retirement Services
§ CalPERS Illness Certification
§ CalSTRS Express Benefit Form
§ Employer Verification / Certification*
§ Illness Balances
§ Salary History *
§ Service Credit Audit / Purchase
Joan Grimes for
CalPERS members
Corrina Alvidrez
Letty Rito
for CalSTRS members
Payroll Manager
Senior Payroll Systems Technicians
(213) 891-2280
(213) 891-3500
(213) 891-2120
Health Insurance
§ Vesting for Retiree Health Benefits
§ Life Insurance
LACCD Health Benefits Call Center
770 Wilshire Blvd., 6th Floor
Los Angeles, CA  90017
(888) 428-2980
§ Retiree Health Benefits Information
§ Application for Retiree Health Benefits Form
Retirement Systems
Mailing Address
California State Teachers Retirement System
P. O. Box 15275
Sacramento, CA 95851-0275
(800) 228-5453
California Public Employees Retirement System
CalPERS Member Services
P. O. Box 942704
Sacramento, CA 94229-2704
(888) CalPERS
Public Agency Retirement Services
Refer to website “Contact” page.
(800) 540-6369
For retirement system verification purposes.  Employment verification for other purposes is handled by Services Unit, Human Resources.