Board Approved COVID-19 Leave


Effective January 18, 2022, the District will provide employees up to 24 hours of leave for use as COVID-related wellness time. Employees who have a required absence due to a COVID related issue such as COVID testing, receiving a vaccination, recovering from a vaccination, complying with a quarantine period, or wellness, shall be paid their regular pay and shall not have this time deducted from their illness quota. This leave shall expire if not  utilized before May 15, 2022.

Employees must complete and submit the following form to their supervisor for approval.



What You Need to Know:

·         The additional wellness leave is for a total of 24 hours, NOT three days. The hours do not have to be used consecutively in a day-to-day sequence, nor in any specific minimum amount.


·         The leave is provided to all current personnel, including full-time, part-time, unclassified and student workers.


       ·         The leave is available for use ONLY between January 18, 2022 and May 15, 2022.


·         The wellness leave can be used due to a COVID-related issue such as testing, vaccination or booster shot, or a COVID quarantine period for yourself or due to living with someone in isolation


·         For any employee who has mandatory, weekly testing requirements per District policy, the employee does not have to use this additional wellness leave for required testing.


      ·         Use timesheet code “1920” for full-time employees and "0100" for part-time employees to account when using the new wellness leave. Please include a comment in SAP that the time is for the 2022 Board Approved COVID-19 leave


·         This leave will NOT affect an employee’s attendance status (“perfect attendance”) or other hours in your quota