Employer Labor Relations​

Welcome! Employer Labor Relations (ELR) exists to provide LACCD leaders with services and products that enable them to enhance the quality of their work force within the context of District policies and best practices. Often times, departments contact us after human resource issues have occurred; we encourage you to utilize us before issues arise:

  • grievances
  • contract administration/interpretation
  • disciplinary action
  • change management
  • conflict resolution
  • supervisory/management techniques
  • performance management
  • layoff
  • more...

Contact ELR 

To contact ELR, please call (213) 891-2442.

Best Practices Guides

Do you have questions about the fitness for duty process? Classified probation? See our guides designed to provide you with advice and examples of best practices.Don't see what you need? Is there a specific area where you need suggestions and guidance? Let us know!

Employee Recognition – A powerful and free recognition tool available to LACCD management is the Notice of Outstanding Performance. Let your employee know you appreciate his or her hard work – put this form in their hand and personnel file!

ELR Training

Employer Labor Relations offers several on-site live presentations about useful topics. Other topics can be developed upon request, as well as general Q&A sessions. Want to host a session at your college or work site? Simply contact ELR and we will work with you to arrange a session.

  • Performance Management: Improving Employee Performance One Behavior at a Time - Our signature presentation, originally developed as a joint project of ELR and Local 721. This half-day workshop emphasizing the continuous nature of performance management, performance objective setting, and effective performance evaluation. Can be delivered to a leader-only or mixed audience. Highly interactive and has been well-received across the District. 
    Reviews: "Why hadn't I heard of this before. The presenter stayed with us till 4:00pm. Very useful info."

  • Illness Leave/Reasonable Accommodation - A 2-3 hour seminar about illness leaves with an emphasis on classified employee leaves, and the reasonable accommodation process. For leaders or mixed audiences.                                    
  • Discipline Basics – A Progressive Approach - A 2-3 hours seminar about the basics of employee discipline and the District's philosophy and approach. While the emphasis in on classified discipline, the principles apply to all employees. Longer sessions include Q&A sessions that can also assist in applying the information to administrative and academic matters. 
    Reviews: "It was very interesting and no questions were left unanswered."

  • Contract Changes/Discipline - Created at the request of SEIU Local 721 members, this workshop covers the latest revisions to the collective bargaining agreements that supervisors work with - AFT Local 1521A Staff Guild and SEIU Local 99 Maintenance and Operations. Also included is a mini-refresher on discipline basics.

Training FAQ:

  1. Who can request training? Since time off the job for training must be approved by local management, we usually ask that your local VP authorize the training visit. But, we've seen requests start with a diligent supervisor who proposed the training and got it approved by her local management.
  2. Where is training usually held? We normally visit the work site requesting the training.
  3. What size audience can you accommodate? We have worked with audiences of all sizes from as few as 4 or 5 to as many as 30, limited mostly by room capacity.
  4. What kind of room and equipment do you need? We need a room large enough to accommodate the anticipated audience. For equipment, we simply need a laptop connected to a projector, and a place to project. We've used white walls and actual screens. We're adaptable.
  5. What if we want training in a topic not listedAsk us! Several of our existing presentations were created as a result of a specific topic request from a college audience.