Student Success Initiative

The Office of Student Success works with district faculty and staff to improve student learning and educational outcomes across our nine colleges.  It oversees the activities, staff, and resources supporting several district-wide student success efforts—efforts guided by the LACCD Framework for Student Success, adopted in 2007, with ongoing input from the LACCD Student Success Initiative Steering Committee (SSISC). These district-wide student success efforts include:
• Achieving the Dream Initiative (AtD​)
• Faculty Teaching and Learning Academy (FTLA​​)
Additionally, the Office of Student Success directs the activities of California Community Colleges’ Success Network (3CSN) which is the statewide professional development initiative funded through a California Community College Chancellor’s Office grant awarded to LACCD in 2009 and, beginning in 2013, renewed for five more years. 3CSN’s efforts include:
• BSILI—Annual Leadership Institute for Curricular & Institutional Transformation
• California Acceleration Project (CAP)
• Reading Apprenticeship Project (RAP)
• Habits of Mind (HoM)
• LINKS Events
Contact the LACCD Office of Student Success:
Deborah L. Harrington, Dean,
Betina Vallin, SFP Technician/Program Assistant,