LACCD Student Trustee Election – Spring 2022


Student Trustee​

The Student Trustee is an important elected position charged with representing the interests of students and advocating on their behalf. The Student Trustee serves as a member of the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees, as authorized by the California Education Code.

The Student Trustee is seated with members of the Board and is recognized as a full member at meetings. The Student Trustee has an advisory vote, and may make and second motions at the discretion of the Board. The Student Trustee also serves as the Chair of the District-wide Student Affairs Committee (SAC) which is composed of elected ASO/ASU presidents from the nine campuses.

The term of office is from June 1, 2022 to May 31, 2023. For further information on the role of the Student Trustee and the election process, please refer to LACCD Board Rules 2604, 18200 and 21000.


Candidate Statements



Matthew Bakalinsky

My name is Matthew Bakalinsky and I am a student at Los Angeles City College. I believe in my heart that student participation is very crucial, because our concerns as students can be heard by people who are in power (the Los Angeles Community College District). My reasons for submitting my name into the Student Trustee's election other than wanting to represent and advocate for all students across all nine campuses is because I want to be able to learn what the position of student trustee entails.

My name is Matthew Bakalinsky and I am asking for your vote.




Kenneth-Alan Callahan

Hello! My name is Kenneth-Alan Michael Callahan. I am a poor, first generation, 20-year-old African American psychology major at Los Angeles City College (LACC). I wake up at 5am every weekday in order to shower and commute to LACC, where I spend 12 hours working as both an unemployed student, and a student representative; I often skip breakfast. I am a part-time student because I spend the majority of my time planning, volunteering, and communicating with the students and faculty at my college. I say this first because this is who I am at my core.

Again, hello! My name is Kenneth-Alan Michael Callahan. I am the Executive of Clubs in the LACC Associated Student Government (ASG); the student representative for the Race, Equity, and Social Justice Center (RESJ) on my campus; a student Ambassador for the African American Outreach Initiative (AAOI) of the LACCD; and so on. I say this second because these are the titles I occupy.

I believe that behind every mask is a person with a story to tell. I am running to tell the story behind the mask we call “The Community College Student Experience”. Vote for me to have your face seen unfiltered ​