Project TRACK provides free services to students enrolled in child development programs, employees working as child-care providers, and parents with children younger than five years of age, by offering:
  • Professional training for early childhood educators
  • Literacy/Diversity workshops for parents and children
  • Informational literacy programs for children under the age of 5

Project TRACK is a program administered through the LACCD. Funding is provided by the Los Angeles County Children and Families First - Proposition 10 Commission.

Six colleges within the LACCD participate in Project TRACK:
East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles Mission College and Los Angeles Southwest College.



 How do you positively impact the lives of young children? We believe, at Project TRACK, you begin early in a child's development.

Parent with children in LA City College library

Working closely with diverse communities and organizations throughout LA County, Project TRACK supports professional training for child-care educators, presents unique workshops for adults who strive to be better parents, and offers on-going literacy programs to expand the minds of curious children.

Our premise is simple: exceptional instructors cultivate exceptionally motivated students.



Our Goals

  1. Increase the level of professional training for child care providers
  2. Improve services for children with special needs
  3. Foster involvement by parents to meaningfully engage in their children's growth and development
  4. Enhance early learning and literacy for children under 5 years of age

Child Development Teacher Training 

Qualified instructors can make a lasting difference on impressionable children. Our program provides professional training and uniform standards leading to a certificate of proficiency for qualified childcare graduates as one of the following:
  • Associate Teacher, Early Childhood
  • Teacher, Early Childhood
  • Director, Early Childhood
  • Infant/Toddler Teacher
  • School-Aged Program Teacher,
    Extended Day Care

 Project TRACK student reading to child

Educational Workshops

Access to information is a powerful tool. With this guiding principle, hands-on workshops, offered at convenient times and locations throughout the County, present the community with a rich array of resources along with insight from leading child development and children's literacy experts. Topics addressed include:

  • Family health, nutrition, disease prevention and safety practices
  • Advocacy for children with special needs and early detection of special needs
  • Foster and kinship care
  • Issues surrounding family violence, child care and advocacy

 Services for Children With Special Needs

We believe no child should be left behind. In an effort to increase capacity to assist children with special needs and disabilities and their families, support groups have been created. The intent is to customize solutions to help the children integrate into their "natural classroom environments." Some targeted areas include:

  • Working with children whose behavior has been influenced by prenatal substance abuse
  • Early trauma, or experiences of violence, abuse and/or neglect
  • Working with assistive technologies or augmentative communications

Early Learning and Literacy

Project TRACK mentor reading to child
Our activities are designed to expand collections of children's literature, tapes and CDs at each of the participating 6 colleges, and to promote literacy as an incentive to combine parent education classes.