Report an Incident of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.

Info for Staff & Faculty



Under District policy and procedures addressing Title IX and DHR Complaints and Respondents, are entitled to an Advisor or Advocate to support them throughout the complaint process. An Advisor/Advocate can be any person of their choosing including a District employee. If you have a standing relationship with a student, they may ask you to serve in this role.

Advisors/Advocates can attend any meeting or proceeding throughout the entire process as long as they are not a relevant witness. That means as an Advisor/Advocate you cannot speak for the Complainant or Respondent during any meeting to directly provide evidence.

LACCD has trained employees who have volunteered to serve as Advocates for students or other employees going through the complaint process. If you are interested in serving as an Advisor/Advocate or have been asked to serve in this capacity and want more information about the process, please contact your DHR Coordinator for more information.

DHR Policy and Procedures

The LACCD Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy, which covers discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on a protected class is in Chapter XV of the Board Rules.

To file a DHR Complaint, you can contact the appropriate DHR Coordinator above or submit a Complaint Form online.

To address and respond to DHR issues, DHR Coordinators follow Administrative Regulations C-14 titled ‘Procedures for Prohibited Discrimination, Unlawful Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Complaints.’

LACCD Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all LACCD employees and provides free and confidential support and resources. 

College Specific Resources and Options

Your DHR IX Coordinators have created flyers for each campus with specific contacts and resources available to those impacted by Title IX (gender-based discrimination) and DHR concerns.

For additional resources and information, please contact your college’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator or visit our Resources​ page.​