District Planning Committee (DPC)
Resources and Annual Assessments​​ 

March 27, 2015
Accreditation Self-Assessment Plan (Bob Pacheo Training)
Evaluation Tool for Quality Focus Essay (Bob Pacheco Training)
Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (Bob Pacheco Training)​
February 27, 2015
IEPI Framework of Indicators​
January 23, 2015
Notes from Accreditation Training with Bob Pacheco
Accreditation Training Presentation with Bob Pacheco
ACCJC Standards - College-District Evidence
December 12, 2014
Accreditation Evidence Documents and Report Storage and Access​

November 18, 2014 ​Webinar:

Pilot of 2014 Accreditation Standards at Napa Valley College

A Conversation with Napa Valley College on Use of the 2014 Accreditation Standards
Checklist for Evaluating Compliance with Federal Regulations and Commission Policies​
​ACCJC Training Napa Valley College​ ​on 2014 Standards​
2014 Eligibility Requirements for ​Accreditation​
Napa Valley College Standard IA Draft M​ap
Napa Valley College​ Standard I B2 Draft Map​​​
Napa Valley College​ Standard IC Draft Map​​
Napa Valley College​ Standard IV A Draft Map​​​
October 7, 2014 Meeting​
​ACCJC Standards Crosswalked with Glossary
July 26, 2013 Meeting​
Materials presented by Dr. Marybeth Buechner, Dean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness
Sacramento City College

Marybeth Buechner Guide to Evaluating Institutions questions to be used for internal analysis.pdf

Marybeth Buechner Integrated planning LACCD presentation.pdf

Marybeth Buechner SLO Report.pdf
Marybeth Buechner Some Budget and Planning Notes.pdf

Marybeth Buechner Summary of information gleaned from the Spring 2013 ACCJC Newsletter and recent accreditation workshops.pdf

Sacramento City College Strategic Planning System.pdf
June 28, 2013 Meeting
​West Los Angeles College Online Program Review and Planning:
​Los Angeles City College Comprehensive Program Review: http://effectiveness.lacitycollege.edu/sgc/program_review/cpr_2012/default.aspx
Pierce College Student Learning Outcome Application:
​Mission College On-Line Program Review System: LAMCOnlineProgramReviewSystem.pdfLAMCOnlineProgramReviewSystem.pdf
​​Mission College On-Line SLO System: LAMC SLO Online Steps with Visuals_rev.pdfLAMC SLO Online Steps with Visuals_rev.pdf
​May 24, 2013 Meeting
College of Canyons Integrated Presentation.pptx
College of Canyons Integrated Planning Self Assessment Activity ACCJC Elements.docx
College of Canyons Unit Planning Worksheet.docxCollege of Canyons Unit Planning Worksheet.docx
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Other Resources
Manual  for Institutional Self Evaluation (Adopted August 2015)​​
Guide to Evaluating and Improving Institutions (July 2015)​
Accreditation Standards Adopted June 2014​​
Accreditation Standards Adopted June 2014 with Cross-Walk and Glossary​​