Risk Management

Property and Liability Program

The Risk Management Division's mission is to be a resource to the LACCD Governing Board and employees and to assist them in identifying, assessing, and managing risks and opportunities. We are also a resource to the District in the areas of general risk management (risk identification, risk control, and risk financing), loss prevention and control, claims, insurance, and contractual transfer.

Risk Management manages the District's property and casualty insurance program and responds to and handles notices of claims received by the District. This includes, but is not limited to:

Loss Prevention and Safety

An attempt to eliminate losses from occurring and/or to reduce the amount of and the frequency of losses.

Risk Financing

A mechanism through insurance, loss pools, and self-insuring to cushion the effect of any loss to the College.

Claims Handling

Maintenance of a process that will quickly and fairly adjudicate any claim.

Clinical Agreements

Assist the academic area with the speedy placement of clinical Agreements for their respective programs.

Sherri Beloney-Hatcher
Insurance Claims Specialist
(213) 891-2330