Please be advised that if a retiree under 65 years of age (or a retiree over age 65 with dependents under age 65) enrolls in PERSCare, he/she must pay the difference between PERSCare and PERS Choice.

PERSCare is a plan designed to work along with Medicare. In order to enroll in the PERSCare medical plan with District-paid premium, you must be 65 years of age or older with Medicare A & B.

CalPERS Video for Retirees

The JLMBC is pleased to once again offer the following quality health benefit plans to retirees and survivors:

Medical Plans

Dental Plans

Vision Plan

Employee Assistance Program 

Fall 2014 JLMBC Newsletter


HIPPA Notices

If you have any questions, please call the LACCD Health Benefits Unit at (888) 428-2980. You can also refer to the list of important Phone Numbers and Addresses.

Guild Letter to Retirees

CalPERS Retiree Health Insurance

Health Benefits for New Retirees


Forms and Information You May Need

General Forms

Please complete only the highlighted portions of the form. To add a new dependent, please put an "A" in the Action Code column (highlighted on the form) to the left of the new dependent's name.

To delete a dependent from your medical plan, put a "D" in the Action Code column to the left of the name of the dependent you wish to delete from your plan. 

Domestic Partner Forms and Brochure