Health Benefits Unit 

What does the Health Benefits Unit do? 

 The Health Benefits Unit handles dental, medical, and vision benefits for active employees, including full-time faculty members, and adjunct faculty members and their qualified dependents. We offer both District-paid and voluntary life insurance benefits to our active employees and full-time faculty members.
If you are a new employee, please contact your location's Personnel office to enroll in health and life insurance benefits. Employees who have had qualifying life changing events should contact the Health Benefits Unit to make necessary changes to their health benefit plans within 30 days of the event. Changes that do not involve qualifying life changing events can only be made during Open Enrollment.
If you are a retiree, or the survivor of an LACCD employee or retiree who has deceased, enrollment in your medical plan of choice is handled by CalPERS. LACCD's Health Benefits Unit still administers your dental and vision plans for you. Please note: even though CalPERS administers medical benefit plans for retirees and survivors, you are urged to keep LACCD's Health Benefits Unit informed of changes to your medical plan.
Dental, medical and vision benefits are also available, through COBRA, to employees and/or their dependents who have lost their coverage.
Finally, LACCD offers both an HRA, funded by the District, as well as an FSA that is funded by the employee through payroll deductions.
If you have any questions, please contact the Health Benefits Unit

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