DHLI Labor Education Resources

Organization​ Website​ ​Summary
​UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment  ​The UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment supports faculty and graduate student research on employment and labor topics in a variety of academic disciplines. The Institute also sponsors colloquia, conferences and other public programming, is home to the undergraduate minor in Labor and Workplace Studies at UCLA, and carries out educational outreach on workplace issues to constituencies outside the university. Their website as a variety of publications and reports.
Economic Policy Institute ​ ​The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank created in 1986 to  include the needs of low- and middle-income workers in economic policy discussions. EPI conducts research and analysis on the economic status of working America. Information and research about issues that affect labor and working people can be found on their website.
​University of Michigan Library - Joseph A. Labadie Collection ​Site contains some online posters which have been acquired over the past 100 years. This database consists of images of those posters covering social protest movements such as Anarchism, Civil Liberties, Colonialism, Communism, Ecology, Labor, Pacifism, Sexual Freedom, Socialism, Women, and Youth/Student Protest. Some are from the first half of the 20th century, but the majority are from the 1960s and later. Many are undated. All originals are held in the Joseph A. Labadie Collection.
​Boise State University Albertson's Library Digital Collections Claudio Beagarie photos of farmworkers ​Site has photos takeen by Claudio Beagarie of Cesar Chavez and the farmworkers movement in California in the 1960s. From 1965 to 1967, photographer Claudio Beagarie documented through photos the farm workers' struggle for economic justice and civil rights in California. A union activist with a commitment to progressive causes, Beagarie captured images of farm workers in their homes, in the fields, and marching with Cesar Chavez, cofounder of the United Farm Workers of America and the best-known leader of the movement
​NPR - Planet Money T-shirt ​Listen to and view the National Public Radio Planet Money program about the making of a t-shirt, from cotton farm, production, labor, to arriving to the U.S. for consumption.

​Edition ​File ​Summary
​8/2015 2015 August UCLI IRLE ResearchBrief Raise the Wage.pdf ​UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Research and Policy Brief about raising the minimum wage.
CA_US_Labor_History_Timeline.pdf ​Timeline of California and US labor history created by CFT.
​9/2011 Timeline-of-Labor-History-Sep-2011.pdf ​Labor history timeline presentation created by Western States Center. Content from University of Hawaii's Center for Labor Education and Research
​3/2011 20110310_TriangleShirtWaistTeachingResources.docx ​Lists links to online resources for teaching about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. 
​2008 2008_Methods_Labor_Studies_Hist82_Grace.pdf ​Workbook created by history faculty member Grace Chee from West LA College providing tools and methods for developing a labor curriculum for modern U.S. history, from Reconstruction to the present.
​2008 2008_Methods_Labor_Studies_Eng101_Scott.pdf
​Workbook created by English faculty member Scott Weigand from LA Valley College with tools and methods for developing an English 101 labor-themed curriculum.
​2008 2008-SoCalLib-kiwa-studyguide.pdf ​A study guide created by Glen Omatsu for the Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA) archive at the Southern California Library.  Includes history, lesson plans, and a list of resources.
​10/2008 201008_What_is_a_Labor_Union_101.pdf ​Short document with Information about what is a labor union.  Includes list of unions and glossary of terms.
​10/2008 DrKings_Last_Campaign_LaborMoments.pdf ​Moments in Labor: Dr. King's Last Campaign. 1-page history of Dr. King's involvement with labor with discussion questions.
​10/2008 Meaning_of_May_1.pdf Moments in Labor: Meaning of May 1. 1-page history of May 1 with discussion questions.
​10/2008 DHLI_Labor_Primer_Oct_22_2008.pdf ​DHLI Labor Studies Primer. A primer on teaching labor at the LACCD. Includes recommended readings, fact sheets on labor, assignments, and teaching tools.
​2002 CBEP_Manual_2002.pdf ​Workplace issues and collective bargaining in the classroom. A role play and simulation curriculum manual on labor relations compiled by Linda Tubach and Patty Litwin.
scl-labor-resources.pdf ​Document describing the labor resources available at the Southern California Library.
LuisaMorenoLaborStudiesCollection.docx ​Document describing the Luisa Moreno Labor Studies Collection, which is a result of the collaboration between the Southern California Library and DHLI.