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DHLI April 2016 Newsletter
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DHLI News and Events

​Date ​File ​Summary
​November 2015 2015-Founding-Father-visits-Pierce-The-Roundup-News.pdf ​The Roundup News article about a performance about Thomas Paine at Pierce College. The performance is the result of a collaboration between DHLI, Pierce faculty Dr. Shigueru Tsuha, and the Harry Bridges Project.
​November 2011 2011-labor-panel-preaches-equal-Pierce.pdf ​Sexism, Racism and other negative yet realistic occurrences that people will most likely encounter in the workforce today were the topics of the Labor Panel in the Great Hall Wednesday. Professor James McKeever hosted the event and invited a small group of his friends that do research in labor to be on the panel.  McKeever was inspired by Shigueru Tsuha, Ph.D. the Executive Director of the Dolores Huerta Labor Institute (DHLI).
​November 2011 2011-socioligy-panel-debates-labor-Pierce-LStEP.pdf ​The Roundup News article about DHLI visiting Pierce College to bring awareness to student involvement in the labor force Wednesday, November 16, through its initiative called ‘Students Educating Piers”(StEP).  Pierce students created posters expressing their perspectives on the labor force.
​March2010 2010_Second_Scholars_Retreat.pdf ​Flyer about 2010 Labor Scholars second retreat
​2009 2009_DHLI Student_Learning_Acadmy_Flyer.pdf ​Flyer about summer 2009 Student Learning Academy program
​Spring 2009
2009_Soc35_flyer_LAVC.jpg ​Flyer about new Sociology 35: Sociology of Labor Movement course at LA Valley College.
​2008 2008_DHLI_SCL_Luisa_Moreno_Collection.pdf ​Press release about DHLI Luisa Moreno Labor Studies Collection at Southern California Library
​2007 2007_Daily_Breeze_Article_about_DHLI.pdf ​Daily Breeze article about DHLI
​2007 2007_DHLI_Press_Release.pdf ​Press release about DHLI
​June 2006 2006_DHLI_LAFed_Press_Release.pdf ​Press release about the launch of DHLI