Student Trustee

Prior to being elected Student Trustee on the LACCD Board of Trustees for 2014-2015, LaMont Jackson was president of the Associated Students Organization at Los Angeles Southwest College. During his term, LaMont encouraged students to become more aware of the resources available to them, not just at Southwest College, but also through LACCD. Under his leadership, ASO membership increased by more than 30%. At Southwest, LaMont worked with administrators, staff and faculty on various committees including the Technology Committee, Curriculum Committee, Facilities Planning Committee, Student Learning Outcomes Committee, Achieving the Dream Student Success Committee and Strategic Planning Committee.

LaMont had returned to the community college system after several successful years working in the recording industry in artists' management. He decided to "switch lanes" and enter the counseling field as a chemical dependency counselor/recovery specialist. He was inspired to work with individuals battling substance abuse and alcoholism after seeing the up and coming recording artists battling these addictions as they became rising stars. He personally managed or worked with several recording artists who could not overcome their addictions.

In the spring of 2013, LaMont earned a Certificate of Completion as a chemical dependency counselor and a Skill Certificate as a recovery specialist, both from Southwest College, as well as a Certificate of Completion in Human Services as an addiction specialist from West Los Angeles College. LaMont thought he was finished with school after reaching these goals, but counselors at both Southwest College and West Los Angeles College told him that he might as well get his Associate of Science Degree in Psychology and Associate of Arts Degree in Human Services. He agreed, and, in the spring of 2014, LaMont was accepted into both UCLA and UC Santa Barbara. LaMont has decided to put off the pursuit of his educational goals until the fall when he will not only reapply to UCLA and UC Santa Barbara, but will also consider other institutions of higher learning.

LaMont is in the Trio Scholars Program as well as being a member of Phi Theta Kappa. This past semester, LaMont made the Dean's Honor Roll and President's Honor Roll at Southwest College by maintaining a GPA of 3.0 and 3.5 for three or more consecutive semesters.

As LACCD Student Trustee, LaMont looks forward to working collaboratively with the Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez and cohesively with the Board of Trustees, LACCD college presidents and ASO/ASU/ASG student body presidents to improve student success and retention, and increase the student transfer rate. Dr. Rodriguez has said that his number one priority as chancellor is STUDENT SUCCESS. His number two priority is to ensure that all nine of LACCD’s colleges have the resources needed to make sure his number one priority is accomplished. LaMont’s top priority is to help Chancellor Rodriguez in any way possible to achieve his goals.​​

July 2014

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