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Updated Friday, October 8, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. 

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New Frequently Asked Questions Lists

Read the new general FAQ document​ issued by LACCD August 26, 2021. Additional FAQs are available on this page below.

Read the updated COVID-19 FAQ document issued by L.A. County Department of Public Health August 28, 2021.

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I have a lot of concerns about what is happening due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. What advice to you have?​

If you are feeling stressed, ​depressed, or anxious and need to talk
​with someone ​contact:

L.A. County Dept. of Mental Health 24/7

Access Line: (800) 854-7771

Text: "LA" to 741741

Additional Online Resources for Mental Health Assistance:


City County testing info graphic.jpg 

To learn more about COVID-19 testing, and to see if you are eligible, please visit:

What are the different types of coronavirus tests?

The Associated Press (AP) news organization describes different types of coronavirus tests in this article​ (external link). The AP is answering additional Viral Questions in this series (external link).

I am a renter in the City of Los Angeles, what are some protections I have during the COVID-19 emergency?

Please read the Renter Protection Fact Sheet from the City of Los Angeles.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus that was first discovered in China in late December 2019.More information is available at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health online at:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has expanded its list of symptoms for COVID-19.

People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. These symptoms may appear 2–14 days after exposure to the virus:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Chills
  • Repeated shaking with chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell

How do I order an official transcript? I need an unofficial transcript. 

There are two ways to order an official transcript. You can log in to your student portal at and click on the “Academic Records” tile and then the “Official Transcript Request” tab on the left hand side of the page or go directly to Parchment at​

You will need the address of the receiving institutions when placing the order. 

To view or print an unofficial transcript, click on the “View Unofficial Transcript” tab under the “Academic Records” tile and follow the instructions. 


When is the last day I can receive an Excused Withdrawal (EW) for a class?

The deadline to receive an EW grade is the last day to drop with a W for the course (e.g., the end of week 12). 

To withdraw from a class, log on to your student portal at and click on the “Manage Classes” tile and select the “Drop Classes” tab from the menu. Follow the instructions to drop the class.  To request an EW non-evaluative grade for the class, complete a General Petition and submit it to the Admissions & Records office. To access online services click the “Online Services & Live Chat” tile on your student homepage and search for the Admissions Office.

After the last day to drop with a W, a student who continues to experience personal, professional or academic challenges due to COVID-19 may request an EW by submitting a Grade Change Petition from their district email account to the A&R email address or clicking the “Online Services & Live Chat” tile on the homepage.  Students may request an EW grade up to one year.

​College ​Email
Ea​st L.A. College​
L.A. City College​
L.A. Harbor College​ ARHELP@LAHC.EDU
L.A. Mission College​
​L.A. Pierce College
L.A. Southwest College​
L.A. Trade-Technical College​ ​
L.A. Valley College​​
West L.A. College​​

How does an EW impact my Financial Aid?

EWs are treated as Ws for financial aid purposes. It depends on when in the semester you dropped the class and how many classes you dropped. It is highly recommended that you speak with a Financial Aid Representative at your home college to discuss if the EW grade will affect your financial aid package. To chat with a Financial Aid Representative, click on the “Online Services & Live Chat” tile on your student homepage or visit the Financial Aid Office at your home college.

This is my last semester, how do I petition to graduate?

The Petition to Graduate can be found under the “Academic Records” tile on your student portal. For commonly asked questions and deadlines, visit the college’s website for details. To talk to a Counselor or an Admissions & Records staff member about graduation requirements, click on the “Online Services & Live Chat” tile or visit the Admissions & Records Office or the General Counseling office at your home college.   

Can I receive a refund for my Associate Student Organization and Student Representative fee for Fall 2021?  

Please visit the College’s ASO Facebook or visit the Associate Student Organization/Union/Government (ASO/U/G) Office at your home college for a list of in-person and online activities covered by your ASO membership fees.  ASO/U/G activities and meetings will meet on campus and online. To opt-out of paying the ASO and Student Representative fee, click the “Student Account” tile, select “Account Services” on the left side bar and click the “ASO/Rep Fee Opt Out” tab and follow the instructions when prompted. 

Can I receive a refund for my Health Fee?

The Health Fee is non-refundable. The College’s Health Centers will be open for both in-person and online appointments to provide mental health services and physical wellness exams, consultation and referrals. 

How do I receive my refund? 

Refunds will be deposited on your Bank Mobile card. If you are expecting a refund, set up your Bank Mobile account to either choose Bank Mobile VIBE or connect the account to your own bank for ACH deposits. Students with no social security number (SSN) on file will receive a check from Bank Mobile. Students who paid their institutional fees with a credit/debit card, will receive a credit on the card on file. 

How can I petition for a Pass/No Pass grade? 

To execute a Pass/No Pass grading option, complete the Pass/No Pass Petition, and return the form from your District email address ( to the college email address below. If you are unable to scan and return the document with your handwritten signature; type your name in the signature line instead.

You can also submit the form online by clicking the “Online Services & Live Chat” tile on your homepage and look for the Admissions & Records office or submit the petition in-person by visiting the Admissions & Records Office at your home college.   

​College ​Email
Ea​st L.A. College​
L.A. City College​
L.A. Harbor College​ ARHELP@LAHC.EDU
L.A. Mission College​
​L.A. Pierce College
L.A. Southwest College​
L.A. Trade-Technical College​ ​
L.A. Valley College​​
West L.A. College​​

Is there a limit on the number of courses/units I can take for Pass/No Pass?

For Fall 2021, the LACCD has lifted the restriction on the number of courses/units students can take for Pass/No Pass. Additionally, these courses will not count towards the maximum number of P/NP limits one may apply to a certificate or degree, including major courses. Transfer students should consult a Counselor before changing the grading basis to Pass/No Pass. 

Can I replace a substandard grade using Pass/No Pass? 

For courses taken this term as a replacement/repeat of a previously-graded course may be taken Pass/No Pass. (Note that a grade of “Pass” will replace a previous grade, while a grade of “No Pass” will not replace a previous grade.) The previous grade GPA will not be counted towards the student’s cumulative GPA if replaced with the Pass grade. 

Should I speak with an Academic Counselor before submitting a Pass/No Pass petition?

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with a Counselor to discuss their options for taking a course Pass/No Pass and the impact it may have on their academic standing, admissions, financial aid, and transfer to a CSU, UC or private universities. 

How can I meet/chat with an Academic Counselor or Admissions Representative about the Pass/No Pass grade option?

To chat with an Academic Counselor or an Admission’s representative, click on the “Online Services & Live Chat” tile on your student homepage or visit the General Counseling office or Admissions & Records Office at your home college. 

I would like to speak with a college representative, is there a phone number I can call? 

Student Support Phone Number and Email Addresses

​College ​Phone Numbers ​Email
Ea​st L.A. College​ ​(323) 792-1221
L.A. City College​ ​(888) 930-LACC / (888) 930-5222
or (323) 766-6240
L.A. Harbor College​ ​(424) 367-1604
L.A. Mission College​ ​(818) 722-6752
​L.A. Pierce College ​(818) 464-4410​
L.A. Southwest College​ (323) 274-1680​
L.A. Trade-Technical College​ ​(213) 444-7706
L.A. Valley College​ ​(818) 938-8418
West L.A. College​ ​(424) 371-7734​

If I don’t have internet access at home, what can I do?

Use a telephone to call or use a smart phone to access the following information per provider. The District cannot guarantee the current status of any of these offers.

We have posted some information on our website:​.

Internet Service Providers with Available Options:



Internet Essentials by Comcast

Xfinity – Wi-Fi by Comcast

  • All Xfinity WiFi Public Hotspots are now open to everyone on the “xfinitywifi” SSID.
  • Public hotspots can be found in small/medium businesses and outdoors in commercial areas.
  • Non-Xfinity subscribers need to accept Terms and Conditions to access the network and repeat when requested to continue to receive free unlimited access. Please refer to the map below for available public hotspots.
  • To find a hotspot: go to: and enter your Zip Code or City. A map will show the closest locations. Instructions on how to connect are provided under the “Ready to Connect?” Section under the map

What if I am sick, or get ill, and I can’t complete coursework due to the COVID-19?

Please notify your professor immediately of your health status if sick. We will be as supportive and flexible for you as possible. If needed, please reach out to the professor and college to request an incomplete, which will allow you to complete the work at a later time. Another option is to request an Excused Withdrawal, discussed above.


Are services still available to me?

Effective Fall 2021, all academic and student support departments are open at the nine LACCD colleges. Please wear your face covering and complete the SAFE app before entering any college or District facilities For your convenience, many student services departments will continue to be available online via the Student Portal.

I am having trouble with Canvas.

If you need assistance with accessing Canvas, click the ”Getting Started” link at

You may also review the online student guide for Canvas at

Students should also visit the “Distance Learning” webpages at their home college for additional resources. There are also many useful YouTube videos available on this topic, including

I am having trouble signing on to the student portal.

If you need help with logging into the Student Portal, call the Student Support Call Center at the number below.

​College ​Phone Numbers ​Email
Ea​st L.A. College​ ​(323) 792-1221
L.A. City College​ ​(888) 930-LACC / (888) 930-5222
or (323) 766-6240
L.A. Harbor College​ ​(424) 367-1604
L.A. Mission College​ ​(818) 722-6752
​L.A. Pierce College ​(818) 464-4410​
L.A. Southwest College​ (323) 274-1680​
L.A. Trade-Technical College​ ​(213) 444-7706
L.A. Valley College​ ​(818) 938-8418
West L.A. College​ ​(424) 371-7734​

I want to drop my classes, what should I do?

  1. Go to the Student Portal​ and log in.
  2. Click on the Manage Classes tile
  3. From the drop-down menu, click on the Drop Classes option
  4. Select class or classes you wish to drop, confirm and submit.

If you are receiving financial aid, you should work with your Financial Aid Office to determine the impact of dropping classes and if any repayments may be required.

If you still choose to drop your classes as a result of the Coronavirus, we will work with you to make sure your academic record is not impacted. This will include the use of excused withdrawals, which do not impact your GPA for transfer or degree purposes. Students who are U.S. Veterans receiving benefits must check with their Campus Certifying Officer first before dropping the course(s).

If I paid for my classes using cash, personal check or credit card and later need to withdraw from the class due to the coronavirus outbreak, can I receive a refund?

Yes. If you drop the class on or before the last day to drop with a refund. Please check the student portal for the last day to “drop a class for a refund” date. The refund date varies depending on the length of the class.​

Is there a website that will keep me informed about the district’s response to the coronavirus?

Yes. Go to

For Public Health information go to: