The Los Angeles Community College District
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The Los Angeles Community College District
During its long history, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) has
served as educator to more than three million students. Affordable, accessible, and
practical, the LACCD offers opportunity to all. The nine colleges within the LACCD
currently educate more than 100,000 full-time equivalent students annually. In the next
decade, thousands of additional students from widely diverse backgrounds will turn to
the colleges seeking to improve their ability to perform academically, obtain skill to
excel at work, enter a new career, prepare for transfer to a baccalaureate institution, or
simply to expand their knowledge and improve their ability as learners. The colleges
serve adults of all ages, meeting the needs of a society where “lifelong learning” is the
rule and multiple careers and continual retraining are the norm.
Our nine colleges actively partner with businesses, local governments, and community
organizations. The District’s colleges are an information and community resource of
the greater Los Angeles area and its local neighborhoods. From workforce
development and training programs to involvement with civic and community
organizations, LACCD carries out its mission in the classroom, at the worksite, and in
more than 100 neighborhoods throughout the service area. The Los Angeles area is
culturally vibrant, with diverse characteristics that are also reflected in the faculty and
staff of the District.
All nine of the colleges have recently undergone major transformations, thanks to
three bond measures overwhelming passed by L.A. voters. The bond program
created new opportunities for the District to take a position of bringing learners and
able contributors to society and the global economy. The District’s mission continues
to be the expansion of higher education to an increasingly diverse group of students,
the development of a climate in which diversity is genuinely valued and progress
toward becoming more inclusive is regularly achieved.

It is the Chancellor’s principal responsibility to provide the vision, leadership and strategic
direction to ensure the District achieves the goals set forth by the Governing Board.