The Los Angeles Community College District
Invites Applications
for the position of

The next Chancellor will provide stable visionary leadership to the largest and most
diverse multi-college district in the nation. He/she will provide strategic direction to
ensure the District achieves the goals set forth by the Governing Board.
The Los Angeles Community College District requires a highly experienced,
visible, dynamic and visionary individual to collaborate with all constituencies
as the District seeks to serve the diverse needs of the Los Angeles
communities by addressing the following challenges and opportunities: 
  • To forge unity by strengthening relationships between the colleges and the
    District to meet the educational and workforce needs of the students and all
    the communities, while striking the right balance between centralization and
  • To provide wise leadership as the District continues to maneuver through the
    challenging economic climate by maintaining judicious and forward looking
    financial oversight while forcefully advocating at the state and federal levels
    on behalf of LACCD.
  • To develop a unified, integrated, and successful effort to address
    accreditation issues.
  • To continue to strengthen relationships and expand partnerships with
    business, industry, and the education community.
  • To continue to generate new sources of financial support in a time of
    decreasing traditional resources and increasing demand for programs and
  • To support a collegial environment, value shared governance, and
    actively engage the governing board, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • To address the communication challenges of a large, highly complex
    institution, by affirming the individual character and culture of the District’s
    nine colleges while fostering collaboration, common vision for all, and
    personally engage in the life of the District and all of the Colleges.
  • To encourage innovation and spearhead a District-wide student success
    initiative to improve retention and completion, graduation, and transfer rates
    throughout the District’s Colleges.
  • To bring integrity and transparency to the final stage of bond measure support
    projects and develop a long-term strategy for maintenance and refurbishment
    of an aging infrastructure.
  • To improve efficiency throughout the District by involving and empowering
    stakeholders while building consensus around commitment to students and
    common interests.
The Los Angeles Community College District is seeking a leader who possesses an understanding of the complexity of a large multi-college District and a successful track record in the areas listed below.

Student Learning and Success

  • A passionate and articulate student-centered advocate for quality programs that address the unique needs of students.
  • Promotes teaching, learning, and student success by supporting innovation and faculty development.
  • Understands and values the diversity within the student populations at each of the Districts nine colleges.

Strategic Leadership and Organizational Planning 

  • Provides leadership in District-wide strategic planning, technology, information systems, and facilities master planning.
  • Leads the District through the accreditation process, continuous quality improvement, and data-driven informed decision making.
  • Is an approachable, highly visible leader throughout the District who provides leadership, inspiration and support.
  • Has a successful track record of raising funds, managing budgets and demonstrating good fiscal management.
  • Builds on existing relationships and creates new relationships with K-12 systems, colleges, and universities.

Constituency Groups

  • Extensive, proven experience working effectively with bargaining units with multiple collective bargaining agreements.

  • Building effective, collaborative relationships in a culture of participatory governance.
  • A listener and communicator who practices genuine collaboration with faculty, administration, staff and students

Leadership, Governance and Advocacy

  • A visionary and passionate leader who fosters top-quality programs in college transfer, technical career education, and economic development initiatives.
  • A leader committed to a culturally inclusive environment that promotes diversity, collaboration, communication, and collegiality in achieving the Districts goal of maintaining a learning-centered environment.
  • A successful advocate who will influence the local, state, and national legislative processes to advance the mission of the District.
  • A politically astute ambassador for the District to the external community.
  • A leader committed to personal and professional integrity with high ethical standards.
  • A proven leader who can unify the Board of Trustees around key priorities and work collaboratively and effectively to manage competing interests.

Necessary Skills

  • A superb communicator with exceptional listening skills and open to constructive input and criticism.  
  • A leader with a genuine passion for all students.
  • A problem solver who will provide clear benchmarks to measure success.
  • A superior team builder who possesses a management style that is inclusive, visible, proactive, collaborative, open, approachable, and accessible.
  • A strong administrator with experience at a multi-campus community college.

Minimum Qualifications

  • An earned masters degree or other equivalent advanced degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Five years of full-time experience or its equivalent as a senior executive in education, business, industry, or government.

Preferred Qualifications

  • An earned doctorate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • At least seven years of senior level experience in a community college or
    four-year college or university.
  • Knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations governing the California
    Community Colleges.
  • Higher education teaching experience. 
An Equal Opportunity Employer
Women, Minorities & the Disabled are Encouraged to Apply

Application Process:

Open until filled - Still accepting applications. This is a confidential search proces.
To apply, please submit these four (4) separate documents:
  1. A letter of application that succinctly addresses the opportunities
    and challenges identified and how your experience and
    professional qualifications prepare you to serve the needs of
    LACCD (not to exceed 5 pages).
  2. A current resume including an email address and cellular telephone
  3. A reference list with the names, home and business telephone
    numbers, and email addresses of eight references: three
    supervisors (one board member), two direct reports and three
    faculty members from current or former institutions.
  4. Candidate Summary Sheet which is a brief synopsis of your
    professional career. You can download the template for this form here.
These four (4) documents will be the only application information presented to the Chancellor Search Committee.

Go to to apply.
In addition, you must send a paper copy of your application to:
LACCD – Chancellor Search
ATTN: Dr. Narcisa Polonio


1233 20th Street, NW, Suite 301
Washington, DC 20036

For additional information, nominations or inquiries please contact: 

Narcisa Polonio, Ed.D., Executive Vice President of Board Leadership Services,, (202) 276-1983 (mobile).

Julie Golder Alion, J.D., Board Services Coordinator,,
(202) 775-4466 (office) or 202-384-5816 (mobile).
*An ACCT Search*