START by logging into the LACCD Student Information System, available here. You should see a screen that looks like this...

Once you log in, you should see the following information (below). click on the Online Forms button to access the Authorization of Charges page.

Once you have clicked the Online Forms button, you should see a webpage that looks like the one below. Select the link that says "Update your Authorization of Charges.

You should now see a screen that looks like this (below). If the Current Value is BLANK, you must updtae your Authorization of Charges. Select the link (shown by the small arrow below) to get to the next screen...

...which will look like the screen below. Your choices are to mark YES and allow the college (and district) to deduct the listed fees from any financial aid we disburse to you, or mark NO and only allow us to deduct student enrollment and health fees. KEEP IN MIND: If you mark NO and you have unpaid fees, your financial aid disbursments will be delayed until you have a ZERO BALANCE with the college and district.

Once you have selected your Authorization of Charges status, click the Submit button (as shown below, with an arrow pointing to the right).

That's all you will need to do. Your information will be sent electronically to the Central Financial Aid Unit at the LA Community College District main office, whereby this information will be reviewed and used at any time you are eligible for a financial aid disbursement. If you decide to change your response in the future, you may return to the SIS system Online Forms webpage to make an update.