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Below is a list of tutorials and guides for email.

Focused Inbox: 
  • How to Turn Off Focused Inbox:
Email Rules – Creating and Managing Email
Why some emails are flagged as SPAM
The actual content of your emails, including the message body, links, images, and headers,
can all be factors that rank for spam, if you aren’t careful. Here are a few things to avoid:
  • Hashbusting: using special characters designed to break up words or phrases
     (e.g. “Fr3e W!nn@r”).
  • Bad links: Avoid linking to unreputable sites or content, or using url shorteners.
  • Misleading subject lines: using “Re:” or “Fwd:” when you’ve never communicated
    with a recipient before.
  • Sloppy html code: Using Microsoft Word to design in html can add extra formatting
    to the code, which raises your spam score (and also makes your emails look terrible).
  • Too much image, not enough text: embedding text inside of images or sending emails
    that are all-image, no text.
  • Using all-caps WHEN it’s not NECESSARY: makes your message seem suspicious.
  • Having long signatures at the end of emails, such as adding quotes or short poems.












































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