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Number Issue Date Title
B303 12/7/77 ABSENCE-Notification Certification (c)
B443 7/1/80 ABSENCE--Return Procedure (c) (cl)
B352 4/14/82 ABSENCE--Without Leave (c)
B493 4/8/81 ABSENCE--Without Leave, Procedures (cl)
B509 6/11/75 ADDRESS--Employee Responsibility (c) (cl) (u) see P101,P102
B508 6/9/82 AGE--Policy (c) (cl) (u)
B533 11/2/77 ANNOUNCEMENT--4-lanagement Vacancies, Procedures (c)
B568 9/10/80 ANNUAL PHYSICAL EYAMINATION--Procedures (c) (cl)
B507 7/10/74 APPEALS--Review Procedure (c) (cl) (u)
B559 4/28/00 ASSIGNMENT-- FTE Value (c)
B527 7/6/83 ASSIGNMENT LISTING--Terminating and Active (c) (cl) (u) see P000
B497 3/25/81 ASSIGNMENT--Administrative Positions (c)
B525 4/9/80 ASSIGNMENT--Administrators, Extra (c) see P130
B526 5/18/77 ASSIGNMENT--Cafeteria Worker Class, Policy and Procedure (cl)
B557 1/20/82 ASSIGNMENT--Department Chair, Instruction, Policy (c) see R125
B465 1/16/85 ASSIGNMENT--Effective Date, Policy (c) (cl) (u) see P100
B356 9/30/02 ASSIGNMENT--Entrance-level, General (c)
B558 4/18/79 ASSIGNMENT--Faculty Vacancies, Request Procedures (c)
B319 3/23/83 ASSIGNMENT--Hourly Rate Service (c)
B551 11/15/78 ASSIGNMENT--Management Positions, Request Procedure (c)
B376 10/12/77 ASSIGNMENT--Multiple, Policy and Procedure (c) see P130
B556 8/22/79 ASSIGNMENT--Policy (c) see P000
B318 11/8/95 ASSIGNMENT--Release Time
B315 6/14/05 ASSIGNMENT--Retiree (c) see also R140
B488 6/20/84 ASSIGNMENT--Retiree (cl) see P100
B534 11/16/83 ASSIGNMENT--Temporary Consulting Instructor (c) see R121
B458 6/20/84 ASSIGNMENT--Unclassified Service (u) see R121
B518 3/23/83 ASSIGNMENT--Unclassified Service, Community Representative (u)
B387 3/1/00 ATHLETIC ASSIGNMENT-Coach and Athletic Director (c)see R400
B516 1/4/84 AVAILABILITY--Eligible Candidates (cl)
B470 6/20/84 BASIS--General (c) (cl)
B398 12/17/80 BOARD REPORTS--Personnel Actions (c) (cl) (u)
B377 6/20/84 CALENDAR--Important Dates (c) (cl)
B452 5/7/80 CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION--Policy and Procedures (c) (cl)
B528 10/12/83 CERTIFICATED SUBSTITUTE LIST--Distribution (c)
B390 1/9/85 CLASS--Alphabetic (c)
B567 9/10/80 CLASSIFICATION REQUESTS--Policy & Procedures (cl)
B385 3/23/83 CLASS--Unclassified Service (u)
B395 7/7/82 CODES--Teaching Positions, Vocational, Alphabetic (c)
B369 7/7/82 CODES--Teaching, Non-Vocational, Alphabetic (c)
B393 7/7/82 CODES--Teaching, Non-Vocational, Numeric (c)
B394 7/7/82 CODES--Teaching, Vocational, Numeric (c)
B564 3/21/84 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING--Initial Proposal, Procedure (c) (cl)
B351 5/9/79 COLUMN ADVANCE--Monthly Rate (c)
B512 12/17/80 CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT--Notification (cl)
B530 5/18/77 CONVICTIONS--Standards of Employment (u)
B341 10/25/34 CREDENTIAL--Renewal, Regular and Vocational (c)
B324 3/14/84 CREDENTIALS--Administrative Positions (c)
B480 1/23/85 CREDENTIALS--Calif Comm Coll, Application Procedure (c)
B347 12/1/82 CREDENTIALS--Children's Center Permits (c)
B483 3/13/83 CREDENTIALS--Codes, Alphabetic (c)
B482 3/13/83 CREDENTIALS--Codes, Numeric (c)
B368 6/8/83 CREDENTIALS--Permits, Request (c)
B519 10/25/84 CREDENTIALS--Renewal, California Community Colleges (c)
B577 10/25/84 CREDENTIALS--Renewal, Child Dev Center, Permits and Credentials (c)
B471 10/14/03 D BASIS--Calendar (c)
B307 6/9/82 DEATH-Reporting procedure (c) (cl)
B365 8/22/74 DEGREE--General (c)
B479 2/16/78 DEMOTION--Involuntary (cl)
B446 1/13/82 DEROGATORY COMMUNICATIONS--Policy (c) (cl)
B349 6/9/82 DIFFERENTIAL--Bilingual Skills (cl)
B362 1/9/85 DIFFERENTIALS--Authorization
B476 5/25/77 DISCIPLINARY ACTION--Causes (cl)
B467 7/15/70 DISMISSAL--Causes for, Examples (c)
B468 2/15/78 DISMISSAL--Evidence for (c)
B466 2/16/78 DISMISSAL--Procedure (cl)
B339 11/15/84 DISTRIBUTION--Personnel Guides (c) (cl) (u)
B579 3/13/83 ELECTRONIC MAIL--"Mail" Addresses (c) (cl)
B536 1/11/84 ENTRANCE QUALIFICATIONS, Alternate Procedures (c)
B438 3/7/79 ETHNIC IDENTIFICATION--Procedures (c) (cl) (u)
B428 9/28/83 EVALUATIONS--References, Administrative (c)
B437 9/23/81 EVALUATIONS--References, Entrance Level (c)
B448 10/29/80 FINGERPRINTS--Policy (c) (cl) see P111
B431 12/7/77 FINGERPRINTS--Retake, Procedure (c) (cl) see P111
B399 5/1/85 FORMS--(c)
B522 6/25/75 FULL TIME EQUIVALENT--Conversion Table (c) (cl)
B523 6/21/75 FULL TIME EQUIVALENT--Conversion Table (c) (cl)
B403 7/30/80 GRIEVANCE--Correspondence
B486 3/11/81 GUIDES--Subject Index (c) (cl) (u)
B402 7/1/80 HEALTH--Approval Required (c) (cl)
B487 2/8/84 HEALTH--Examination for Tuberculosis (c) (cl)
B386 7/1/80 HEALTH--Examination Procedure (c) (cl)
B514 8/3/83 HOLIDAY - Salary
B311 3/29/78 INCOME TAX--Deductions, Travel Expenses (c)
B406 3/21/84 INFORMATION--Release, General (c) (cl) (u) see P101,P102
B317 12/1/82 INSTRUCTOR TRAINING--Assignment Policy (c)
B511 1/1/76 INTERVIEW AND SELECTION--Contact Procedures (cl)
B459 8/3/83 INTERVIEW AND SELECTION-Procedures (cl)
B490 1/6/82 JURY SERVICE--Policy and Procedure (c)
B491 2/1/78 JURY SERVICE--Policy and Procedure (cl) (u)
B316 4/8/81 LAYOFF--Preliminary Procedures (c1)
B420 5/25/77 LEAVE--Assault or Battery (c) (cl)
B302  3/3/76 LEAVE--Bereavement (c) (cl)
B463 6/2/76 LEAVE--Bereavement, Substitutes (c)
B414 3/10/76 LEAVE--Child Care (c) (cl)
B413 3/10/76 LEAVE--Exchange (c)
B312 10/20/82 LEAVE--Extension (c)
B415 8/20/80 LEAVE--Family Illness (c)
B453 5/18/77 LEAVE--General (c)
B427 3/10/76 LEAVE--Governmental Order (c) (cl)
B366 2/18/81 LEAVE--Grant (c)
B416 3/23/83 LEAVE--Illness, Calculation and Compensation (c)
B433 2/23/77 LEAVE--Illness, Informal (c)
B520 6/3/81 LEAVE--Illness, Pregnancy (c) (cl)
B417 2/8/84 LEAVE--Industrial Accident Procedure (c) (cl)
B418 12/1/82 LEAVE---Maternity (c)
B434 2/4/79 LEAVE--Military, Indefinite (c) (cl)
B419 4/30/75 LEAVE--Military, Temporary (c) (cl)
B322 2/18/81 LEAVE--Opportunity (c)
B464 3/24/76 LEAVE--organization (c)
B510 9/15/76 LEAVE--Part Time (c)
B382 4/27/83 LEAVE--Part-time Service with Full-time Retirement Benefits (c)
B421 5/25/77 LEAVE--Peace Corps (c) (cl)
B441 5/18/77 LEAVE--Personal Necessity (c)
B422 5/3/78 LEAVE--Personal, Formal (c)
B432 12/1/82 LEAVE--Personal, Informal (c) (cl)
B442 3/25/81 LEAVE--Personal, Involuntary (c)
B357 3/24/76 LEAVE--Position (c)
B554 11/15/84 LEAVE--Professional Improvement, Management (c) (c)
B411 1/8/75 LEAVE--Requests (c)
B423 8/20/80 LEAVE--Rest (c)
B334 11/10/71 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Cancellation (c)
B333 1/7/81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Compensation (c)
B340 5/18/77 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Compensation, Effect of Illness (c)
B332 1/7/81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Eligibility Requirements (c)
B336 1/7/81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Formal Study (c)
B331 1/7/81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, General (c)
B344 1/7/81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Incomplete (c)
B345 11/16/83 LEAVE--Sabbatical, On-Leave Procedures (c)
B346 11/15/84 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Return to Service (c)
B337 12/3/81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Study, Independent (c)
B335 1/7/81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Travel (c)
B424 2/18/81 LEAVE--Study (c),
B425 3/24/76 LEAVE--Substitute (c)
B372 6/23/76 LEAVE--Summary (c)
B371 3/24/76 LEAVE--Summary Notes (c)
B426 3/17/76 LEAVE--Travel (c)
B445 5/9/79 LIMITED CONTRACT--Employment Procedure (c) See R122
B388 9/28/83 LOCATION--Codes (c) (cl) (u)
B410 6/6/84 MEDICAL PANEL--Industrial Accident Procedure (c) (cl)
B325 12/6/00 NEPOTISM-Policy (c Admin, cl, uncl)
B460 3/4/03 PACE Faculty Roster Selection Procedure (c) see R124
B472 3/5/04 PAYROLL PATTERN --Non-classroom faculty, Level Pay (c)
B381 8/22/74 PERFORMANCE REPORTS--Substitutes, Day-to-Day (c)
B354 9/28/83 PERFORMANCE REPORTS--Administrators (c)
B330 10/29/80 POINTS--Policy (c)
B361 4/5/78 POINTS--Private Instruction (c)
B313 3/22/78 POINTS--Study, Non-accredited Institutions (c)
B314 2/18/81 POINTS--Summary (c)
B353 3/10/82 POINTS--Travel (c)
B359 4/5/78 POINTS--Work Experience, Policy (c)
B360 4/5/78 POINTS--Work Experience, Procedures (c)
B329 1/6/82 POSITION NUMBERS--Assignment (c)
B374 9/8/76 PRIVILEGES--Before Service (c) (cl)
B412 7/1/80 PROCESSING--Current Employees, Forms Required (c) see P110
B363 3/25/81 PROCESSING--New Employee Forms, Directions (c) see P100
B397 4/24/85 PROCESSING--New Employees, Forms Required (c) see P110
B457 4/24/85 PROCESSING--New Employees, Forms Required (cl) (u)see P110
B396 9/22/82 PROCESSING--New Employees, Procedures (c) (cl) (u) see P100P110
B532 3/23/83 PROFESSIONAL EXPERT--Selection and Assignment (u)
B496 7/9/80 PROVISIONAL ASSIGNMENTS--Policy (cl)
B494 4/24/85 PROVISIONAL ASSIGNMENTS--Procedure (cl)
B327 10/8/75 READER ASSISTANT--Procedure (u)
B450 3/25/81 REDUCTION IN FORCE--Procedures (c)
B495 5/18/77 REDUCTION IN FORCE--Seniority (c)
B517 10/14/81 REDUCTION-IN-FORCE--Calendar (c)
B580 7/14/82 REIMBURSEMENT--Personal Property, Procedure (c) (cl)
B301 11/8/78 REPLACEMENT SERVICE--Policy (c)
B439 8/24/83 REQUEST FOR PERSONNEL ACTION--Policy & Procedure (c) see P100
B462 8/24/83 REQUEST FOR PERSONNEL ACTION--Policy and Procedure (cl) see P100
B455 7/20/83 RESIGNATIONS--General (c) (cl)
B326 3/25/81 RETURN--Entrance Level (c)
B541 11/8/84 RPA SYSTEM--General Design (c) (cl) (u) see P100
B541a 11/8/84 RPA SYSTEM--General Design (c) (cl) (u) see P100
B543 11/10/82 RPA SYSTEM--Name (c) (cl) (u) see P101
B549 9/21/83 RPA SYSTEM--Remarks (c) (cl) (u) (obsolete)
B547 9/28/83 RPA SYSTEM--Status Codes (c) (cl) (u) see P100
B310 1/9/85 SALARY--Career Increment (c)
B539 1/9/85 SALARY--Career Increment, Administrators (c) (cl)
B562 1/9/85 SALARY--Career Increment, Confidential Employees (cl)
B576 9/5/84 SALARY--Career Increment, Supervisory Employees (cl)
B308 12/12/84 SALARY--Degree Differential, Certificate Differential (c)
B358 11/16/83 SALARY--Experience Credit, Policy (c)
B389 10/29/80 SCHEDULE--Codes (c) (cl) (u) see H500
B364 12/12/84 SCHEDULE--Hourly Rate (c) see H500
B320 12/12/84 SCHEDULE--Monthly Rate Employees (c) see H500
B531 1/6/82 SELECTION--Administrative Position, Acting Appointments (c)
B456 12/7/83 SELECTION--Administrative Positions, Procedure (c)
B521 3/9/77 SELECTION--Discipline Committees, Procedures (c)
B473 9/19/79 SELECTION--Entrance Level, Policy (c)
B506 9/28/83 SELECTION--Entrance Level, Request Procedures (c)
B492 5/25/77 SHIFT--Priority Change (cl)
B323 11/22/71 STATUS--Non-Tenure (c)
B350 7/24/00 STEP ADVANCE (c) see H511
B469 2/6/80 SUBPOENAS-- (c) (cl) (u)
B484 4/8/81 SUBSTITUTE LIST--Order of Names (cl)
B305  6/14/05 SUBSTITUTES--Day-to-Day (c) see R140
B367 3/23/83 SUBSTITUTES--Employment Procedure (c)
B461 8/13/80 SUBSTITUTES--List, Procedures (cl)
B309 9/8/76 SUBSTITUTES--Salary (c) see R140
B440 4/12/78 SUMMER SESSION--Assignment Policy (c)
B477 2/16/78 SUSPENSION--Disciplinary, Procedure (cl)
B328 9/21/83 TENURE--GENERAL (c)
B436 3/6/74 TERMINATION--Calendar Contract (c)
B447 5/18/77 TERMINATION--Contract (c)
B454 5/18/77 TERMINATION--Regular (c)
B485 10/31/73 TRANSFER--Administrators, Policy (c)
B355 5/8/74 TRANSFER--Administrators, Temporary (c)
B435 12/21/93 TRANSFER--Entrance-Ievel Policy (c)
B407 3/22/78 TRANSFER-Entrance-level, Temporary (c)
B515 4/27/83 TRANSFER--General (cl)
B575 4/24/85 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT--Classified - Unit I
B574 10/6/82 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT--Policy & Proced. , Administrators (c) (cl)
B373 10/30/87 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT-Policy and Procedures Unit 3 (cl)
B383 3/7/90 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT-Policy and Procedures Unit 4 (cl)
B560 12/21/83 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT--Policy and Procedures, Faculty (c)
B513 5/10/78 UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE--Information and Procedures (c) (cl)
B478 5/9/84 UNSATISFACTORY NOTICE--Procedure (cl)
B475 5/25/77 UNSATISFACTORY NOTICE--Procedure, Permanent (c)
B474 5/25/77 UNSATISFACTORY NOTICE--Procedure, Probationary (c)
B449 10/18/01 WINTER INTERSESSION--Procedures (c)
B489 5/7/80 WORK PERMITS--Nonimmigrant Students (u)
B481 5/7/80 WORK PERMITS--Policy and Procedure (u)
B514 8/3/83