Institutional Effectiveness Update

LACCD Strategic Plan Renewal

The District Planning Committee is currently conducting its final “summative” assessment of the District Strategic Plan, 2006-2011 in anticipation of the creation of new district-wide goals and objectives. To view the current plan and learn more about the plan revision effort, click on this link: District Strategic Plan.

New District Effectiveness Review Cycle

At its annual retreat in January 2010, the LACCD Board of Trustees adopted a newly redesigned District Effectiveness Review Cycle meant to increase accountability across the District and to align institutional goal setting and effectiveness reporting efforts. To learn more about this new institutional effectiveness reporting process, please click on this link: Excerpt From District Effectiveness Review Cycle

New District Governance Handbook Published

In March 2010, the District Planning Committee published the District’s first Governance and Functions Handbook. Designed to provide a comprehensive guide to all district-level planning, decision-making, and accountability processes and to clarify structure and organization of the District Office and its functional relationship to the colleges, the Handbook can be downloaded at:
LACCD Governance Handbook- August 2011

District Wins RP Group Award for Planning Excellence

In spring 2009, the District was honored by the Research and Planning Group for California’s Community Colleges for its achievement in developing an effective framework for strategic planning in a multi-campus district.  For more information on the RP Group’s award for excellence in planning, see:

LACCD Accreditation Update

In spring 2010, LACCD colleges filed a record nine reports with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. Currently, three of the colleges—LA Harbor College, LA Southwest College, and West LA College are beginning preparations for their next comprehensive Self Study reports. To access LACCD college accreditation reports and other accreditation resources, click here: LACCD College Accreditations.

Student Success Initiative

The LACCD Student Success Initiative works to improve student learning and student educational outcomes across the District. At the LACCD "Success Network," faculty who support the Student Success effort can network across the district and access information that will help them enhance their classes and improve the performance of their students.
For more information about the LACCD Student Success Initiative, including the entire Framework for Student Success draft document, click the following link: The_Framework for Student Success.
To view Student Success Initiative page click here: Student Success Initiative.
In January 2010, the SSI kicked off its second "LACCD Faculty Teaching & Learning Academy." A joint effort of the District administration and the District Academic Senate, the FTLA offers an intense hands-on workshop experience to 70-80 faculty members a year, designed to facilitate innovative classroom approaches that support student engagement, self-reflection, and academic success. To learn more about the FTLA, click here: