Planning and Accreditation
The LACCD Strategic Plan 
The LACCD Board of Trustees approved the District's Strategic Plan, Vision 2017:  Advancing Student Success and Completion, on February 6, 2013.  To view the plan and learn more about the efforts that went into creating the plan, click on the following link: District Strategic Plan.  
District Review Cycle
The District Effectiveness review cycle is meant to increase accountability across the District and to 
align  institutional goal setting and effectiveness reporting efforts.  To learn more about this institutional effectiveness
reporting process, please click on links below: 
 District Accreditation Resources 
Governance and Functions Handbook
First published in March 2010, the District Planning Committee published the District’s first Governance and Functions Handbook. Designed to provide a comprehensive guide to all district-level planning, decision-making, and accountability processes and to clarify structure and organization of the District Office and its functional relationship to the colleges, the third in the series Handbook 2013 can be downloaded by clicking the following link: LACCD Governance Handbook 2013​.